How To Make White Gluhwein

Gluhwein– a classic German Christmas staple– is traditionally prepared with red wine and a whole lot of aromatic ingredients. Although this warm beverage is excellent for cozy nights and dinner tables, you might want to try out something new this time.

Mulled white wine is an excellent winter drink that you can make with beautiful spices and fruity undertones. With this, if you are not a fan of red wine but adore the flavors of the Gluhwein, then you must try out this recipe.

In this blog, you will uncover how to make white Gluhwein and the particulars that you must know about to make this spiced wine perfect.

white gluhwein

Tips to Make a Perfect Mulled White Wine

1.   Choose the Right White Wine

A white wine with fruity layers of flavors with a medium-sweet taste is an excellent choice to use in this recipe. Some of the wines like moscato, riesling, or chardonnay are great to use to make this beverage.

But what if you are not into the sweet white wine? Well, you don’t have to worry because you can also go for dry white wine. But keep in mind that when you simmer down this type of wine, it can leave a very strong acidic flavor. To avoid this, use dry white wines like sauvignon blanc or pinot grigios which complements the beverage.

Making a drink that makes you feel warm and at home is a personal preference. So the ‘right’ white wine depends entirely on your tastebuds.

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2.   Strike the Right Balance

Typically, white wine is mild and delicate to taste so when blended with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves, these intense aromas of spices dominate the flavors, which easily cancel out the alcoholic flavor of the wine.

This is where citrus fruits like orange and lemon come into play. These fruits contribute to the white wine’s delicious citrus notes, resulting in a light and fruity wine while being festive and full of seasonal spice.

3.   Age like a Fine Wine

You can make a batch of this delicious liquor and store it for at least a month. Keep your spiced white wine in a sealed container and refrigerate. You can easily microwave it when you want a sip of this.

The best thing about this is that; wine gets better with time. So the longer you keep it stored, the more the flavors can fully infuse, making its taste better.

So if you are going to have guests or family over for the holidays, preparing the drink at least 5 days earlier gives plenty of time for a proper infusion and to develop the subtle layers and tones. I can assure you following this will give you a mulled white wine like no other.

white gluhwein

White Gluhwein Recipe

Now that you know the few tricks on making this drink more delicious, we can now move on to its simple yet mouthwatering recipe. Follow the subsequent steps to make a perfect mug of hot wine.

Ingredients Required

  • A bottle of white wine (dry or sweet depending on your preference)
  • 4-5 sticks of cinnamon
  • 8-9 whole cloves
  • 4-5 star anise
  • ¼ cup of brown sugar
  • Add nutmeg (optional)
  • Thinly slice your citrus fruit (orange/lemon)
  • A vanilla pod (split)

Prep Instructions

Step 1

Put your saucepan on the stove on low to medium heat. Now add all your spices along with the sugar and let it blend. Remember to stir this constantly to get the perfect mixture.

Step 2

Next, add white wine to the pan while stirring so that the sugar doesn’t crystallize. Along with this, add the vanilla pods and the sliced oranges/lemons.

Step 3

Let this sit on the stove until all the ingredients melt together. Just when your home starts smelling divine because of the spices and fruits. Your warm mulled wine is done and ready to enjoy.

Step 4

Once it’s done, take it off the heat and let it cool down for a few minutes. Then strain it in a serving jar. Store it in the refrigerator for further infusion, or conform it right away.

Serving White Gluhwein

Usually, white wine is served cold but mulled wine, on the other hand, is served hot. So what is the best way to serve this white mulled wine?

Preferably, serve this german spiced drink hot, especially during the cold season. You can bake some snacks to serve alongside this; you can also go for seasonal fruits, nuts, or cookies.

Lastly, don’t forget to add extra slices of oranges and some whole spices like cinnamon or star anise in the mulled wine for garnish.

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Wrapping Up

Gluhwein has many variations when it comes to the alcohol base of this drink. Traditionally made with red wine, this spiced beverage is a Christmas staple. But when you want something unique to impress your guests, a warm mug of white mulled wine with the perfect balance of spices, fruit, and wine is the perfect way to go.

Here in this recipe, you get the simplest way to make this classic hot beverage. The simplicity of the process builds up the complex flavors and aromas of this, making it a favorite festive wine among many.

Remember to avoid using ground spices as it can lead to grainy wine, and also make sure you don’t boil the mixture. Always keep an eye out for it and lightly simmer until you can smell that it is ready to serve.

I hope you enjoy reading this handy guide with the tips and recipes to make white Gluhwein.

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