Best Store-Bought Chicken Marinades

Do you avoid eating chicken because it’s so bland? If yes, I have really good news for you. You can remedy your bland chicken by marinating it. Marinating chicken can make a huge difference for your tastebuds and the texture and juiciness of the meat. It means you won’t get tired of eating bland, boring chicken anymore. Therefore, here is the best chicken marinade.

The best chicken marinade is Iberia Mojo Criollo Spanish Marinade; it is a potent but delicious marinade that can be used in a variety of dishes. As for the grilled chicken, you should try Lawry’s Mesquite with Lime Juice Marinade and Stubb’s Citrus & Onion Chicken Marinade. They give a naturally smoky, barbecue flavor.

Marinating chicken is a very simple process, especially if you already have the marinating mix. The key to a successful marinated chicken is the duration of how long and how to cook the chicken. To know such details, continue reading below.

How Long To Marinate Chicken?

The ideal amount of time to marinate chicken is around 4 to 6 hours, though it can vary depending on the size and cut of your chicken. Since chicken is a naturally tender protein, it’s not necessary to marinate for long periods to break down tough muscle fibers.

store bought chicken marinade

Well, this would be the case for tougher meats, like beef. That being said, marinating the chicken for even a minimum of 30 minutes can absorb a lot of added flavor to the meat and will easily penetrate the protein for enhanced juiciness and flavor.

Usually, you can marinate the chicken the night before you plan to cook it. It works well to grab and use the next day, instead of waiting an additional 30-60 minutes while preparing your meal.

If you can’t get to cooking your marinated chicken within two days, you can also freeze the chicken in the marinade to be used later. That’s a benefit of using the freezer-safe bags when marinating because you can just toss them right into the freezer for later. When it’s time to cook, thaw the meat and cook.

How Long To Cook Chicken Breast?

The serving size of chicken is about 3 ounces, which is roughly the same size as the palm of your hand. Generally speaking, one chicken breast can produce about two servings; however, the size of chicken breasts can vary. 

The cooking time also varies slightly with the size of the chicken breast, but there are some basic pointers you can follow.

The major point when cooking chicken is that it must reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit, making it safe to eat. We want it at exactly 165, no lower, and, preferably, no higher than that temperature so that it’s not dry and chewy.

Make sure to cook the chicken until the juices are clear. You will know this when you cut into the thickest part of the breast. Here is the estimated cooking time of chicken breast in a different setting:

  • On the Stovetop (Pan-Fried): Approximately 4-6 minutes per side when sautéing at medium-high.
  • In the Oven (Baked): Approximately 20-30 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit or 18-20 at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • On the Grill: Approximately 4-6 minutes per side over direct heat, 10 to 12 minutes per side over indirect heat.

Can You Marinate Chicken for Too Long?

Yes, it is possible to marinate chicken for too long, especially if the marinade contains an acidic ingredient, such as lemon juice or vinegar. When chicken is marinated for too long, it can become tougher and chewy, which isn’t ideal.

If you can’t get to cooking your marinated chicken within 2 days, you can freeze your chicken in the marinade, and then thaw when you’re able to cook it right away.

How To Freeze Marinated Chicken?

Generally, you want to cook your chicken within 2 days of marinating, preferably within 24 hours. But, if you aren’t able to cook it within that time frame, you can freeze your marinated chicken. The easiest way to freeze the chicken is to have it marinated in a freezer-safe sealable bag or container. 

If you have less than one pound of chicken, you can use quart size Ziploc bags, or if more than 1 pound, you may use gallon size Ziploc bags. In that way, you can just toss it in the freezer if you will not cook it within the day.

In fact, you can even freeze marinated chicken immediately upon making the marinade. Then, allow it to thaw in the fridge for a day and it will marinate as it thaws. If your chicken is already frozen and you plan to keep it frozen, don’t defrost it. Instead, add the marinade to the frozen chicken and it will marinate as you thaw it when you are about to use it.

Top 9 Best Store-Bought Chicken Marinades

Iberia Mojo Criollo Spanish Marinade

Iberia Mojo Criollo Marinade is a great way to infuse your favorite foods with super flavor before cooking. It is a potent yet delicious marinade. It is a key ingredient in many Cuban dishes. This Zesty Mojo Criollo is made with garlic, onion, and citrus for tender, tasty meat and poultry.

Aside from chicken, you can use it on shrimp, steak, and much more. Like Sofrito, Mojo Criollo is essential for making good Cuban food. Iberia Mojo Criollo serves as a wonderful marinade for meats, a delicious sauce for vegetables, and as a condiment on the table.

This marinade is available in a gallon size, making it perfect for repeated usage and added value.

3-Pack Salamida State Fair 16 ounces Marinades

This all-purpose marinade is rich in flavor yet not overpowering in taste. It is best used for meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, and game. Each bottle is made individually to assure exact ingredient proportions. With only 15 calories per serving and no sugars or preservatives, this marinade has a health kick of its own. Lemon Garlicious:

It’s a marinade not only full of taste but rich in vitamins and nutrients. One of the main ingredients of this marinate is garlic. Garlic is a great source of natural antioxidants and lemon is a great source of Vitamin C. When combined, you have a marinade that tastes good and is good for you too! Aside from chicken, Lemon Garlicious is an ideal marinade for poultry, pork, fish, and especially seafood.

It is made from an all-natural gluten-free marinade with a kick of vinegar and bursting with flavor from the freshest array of ingredients. It is the perfect addition to the most enjoyable chicken barbeque dinner.

Whether it is chicken on a grill, a mouth-watering smoke and aroma can fill the air, and everyone gets hungrier by the minute.

What makes this marinade so different is the blending of tangy apple cider vinegar, pasteurized liquid eggs, pure vegetable oil, and a savory blending of poultry seasonings. Most importantly, it does not contain sugar, no fructose corn syrup, and no artificial ingredients in this delicious sauce.

Buffalo’s Own Chiavetta’s Barbecue Marinade

This marinade is made from a big bottle of cider vinegar with some salt, poultry seasoning, and a few other things. As you’d expect, the results are very vinegary, because it’s mostly cider vinegar. The lack of oil makes this more of brine or perhaps “brinerade” instead of a marinade.

Just like any other brine, the salt will work its way into the meat and beneficially affecting the tissue, leading to water absorption. This makes the meat juicier. You could get juicier chicken just by soaking it in salty water for a few hours.

A vinegar brine does give the meat a very salty, vinegary taste; therefore, marinating this overnight is not going to give you the typical “marinade” flavor. Instead, it is going to give the meat a vinegary brine taste. Well, marinating the chicken overnight with Chiavetas is not recommended.

Unless you add oil, it can convert the brinerade to a true marinade, in which case 1 to 2 days of marinating could work. Without the oil, it will mush up the outer texture of the meat if used too long.

Using it in chicken can kick up the flavor and add a lot. Using it on steak, or pork ribs is not highly recommended. It’s really a chicken enhancer, not a general meat enhancer. Overall, it’s an interesting product.

Noble Made by the New Primal Marinade

Are you ready to elevate your cuisine to the next level?

Then, this delicious and nutritious citrus herb marinade is your new best friend. Thanks to this little recipe miracle, your meals will be healthy and delicious without all the hassle of additional prep time.

Boost your chicken and veggies with flavors of pineapple, lemon, ginger, thyme, and oregano. And don’t be surprised when your guests start asking for your secret recipe. For best results, marinate for at least 6 hours.

All the marinades are Whole30 Approved, Non-GMO Project Verified, Certified Paleo, Certified Gluten-Free, Oil-Free, and Dairy Free. It does not contain refined sugars, trans-fats, artificial preservatives, or fillers. No more bland meal, you’ve got The New Primal as your own personal sous chef.

Dash Salt-Free Marinade

Mrs. Dash is the salt-free alternative for spicing up your favorite meals. Each blend, seasoning packet, or marinade contains a multitude of spices allowing your palate to enjoy the flavor without the salt.

Each Mrs. Dash spice is carefully selected for a blend that will satisfy the senses and excite the palate. No two spice blends, marinades, or seasoning packets are alike, which allows for exciting new meals every day of the week.

From the first taste of flavor on your favorite meal, Mrs. Dash brings your taste buds to life! With seasoning blends, liquid marinades, and seasoning mix varieties to choose from, your kitchen will never be boring again.

Their spice blends are always salt-free. Mrs. Dash opens your life to flavor. Add Asian flair to any meal with Mrs. Dash Sweet Teriyaki Marinade. A sweet pineapple taste can enhance the spices without the added salt. Mrs. Dash has perfected the old-world flavor and made sure it was good for you too.

Spice things up without adding the salt! DASH is a full line of seasoning blends, mixes, and marinades in a wide variety of flavors. From their most popular original seasoning blend to taco and chili seasoning, all of their blends are salt-free.

Lea & Perrins Roasted Garlic Balsamic Marinade

 Lea & Perrins Roasted Garlic Balsamic Marinade In-A-Bag offers the premium quality of Lea & Perrins is a bag that’s ready to use. This savory marinade blends roasted garlic, aged balsamic vinegar, and the perfect blend of thyme, oregano, and other herbs, enlivening the flavor of chicken, meat, fish, and vegetables.

Lea & Perrins Marinade In-A-Bag is an easy way to deliver all of the flavors with none of the mess. Simply bag, zip and cook; that’s all there is to it. It contains 12 ounces of premium bagged marinade, from pork chops to roasted chicken breast.

Clean-up is simple, too.

Just remove the meat and discard the bag, along with any remaining marinade. It’s an easy way to deliver all of the flavors with none of the mess.

Since 1835, Lea & Perrins has been creating savory sauces and marinades. From classic Worcestershire to bold steak sauce, you can stock your pantry with Lea & Perrins to add flavor to every meal.

Bourbon Chicken All-Purpose Marinade

The manufacturer of this marinade has been established for 30 years and Bourbon Chicken has always been a menu item customers love in food courts. Its smoky, sweet, and savory flavor profile is loved by both kids and grownups.

By customers’ demands, they created the BC Original line in 2004 based on their original recipe as a quick and easy home cooking solution. BC Original Marinade and Grill n’ Dip are used together to make authentic Bourbon Chicken. They can also be applied individually in different recipes to spice up your meal.

It can be used with our BC Original Grill n’ Dip sauce to make Bourbon Chicken.

As a stand-alone all-purpose marinade, too. It takes only 30 minutes to marinate meat. You can marinate it overnight for a stronger hickory smoke aroma.

One bottle can marinate 10 LBS of meat or more. It is used and loved by food-industry pros. Aside from chicken, it works on turkey, pork, beef, steak, salmon, shrimp, lobster, or other seafood.

This marinade is healthy, because it has no MSG, contains 0g trans-fat, cholesterol-free. It has no high fructose corn syrup. Naturally brewed soy sauce is used in this marinade and is proudly made in the USA.

Lawry’s Mesquite with Lime Juice Marinade

If you are looking for an authentic smoky barbecue flavor in a bottle, then this Lawry’s Mesquite with Lime Marinade can bring natural mesquite flavor.

It contains a citrus twist that adds Tex-Mex flavor to chicken, pork, steak, and vegetables. It’s perfect for Texas-style sizzling fajitas and barbecued ribs that Stubb, the legendary creator behind Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauces, himself would love to share.

It features a hearty, natural mesquite wood flavor and a touch of lime juice, along with spices & herbs like chili pepper, paprika, and oregano, this barbecue marinade can add Southwest flavor in just 15 minutes.

Lawry’s Marinades does not contain high fructose corn syrup and no added MSG. This marinade works great no matter how you use them, as a chicken marinade, as a fajita seasoning, or as a meat tenderizer.

Lawry’s has more than just seasoned salt. Their spice blends, seasoning mixes, and marinades make meals extra from Meatless Monday to Taco Tuesday and every other day of the week. This marinade is made with lime juice, chili pepper, paprika, oregano & natural mesquite flavor

It is an easy chicken marinade for grilled or sheet pan chicken recipes. Just soak the chicken in a 15-minute wet marinade for tasty meals in a flash. It works great no matter how you use it – grill, saute, or roast. It contains natural flavors and does not contain high fructose corn syrup, and no added MSG.

Stubb’s Citrus & Onion Chicken Marinade

With a bright, flavorful blend of citrus, onion, and garlic, Stubb’s Chicken Marinade makes everything you make just right. It can be used to marinate any cut of chicken, any which way you prepare it. Just leave it for an hour or longer for more flavor.

This marinade is a good bet for steak or pork too. It’s made with sugar and seasonings, so you make a great-tasting cut of meat whether you’re using a skillet, a slow cooker, or stir-frying. And what’s more, after you start cooking on your BBQ grill, you can also use a fresh marinade to add extra flavor.

This product is non-GMO.

You can marinate chicken for an hour or longer, before putting it on the grill for added flavor.

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