Interesting Benefits of Orange Juice with Eggs

If you are looking for an easy-to-make and healthy breakfast, orange juice with eggs may be the quick fix you can try out.

Fresh orange juice with a blend of eggs may be a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, calcium, potassium.

Some of the benefits of orange juice include boosting the immune system, while eggs support brain and heart health and digestion. Aside from the nutritional content, this combination would benefit those looking for a way to make efficient meals that are rich in nutrients.


Orange Juice and Eggs Nutritional Content

Although orange juice and eggs may be consumed together or separately, each of these ingredients has varying nutritional value.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C which helps fight against germs and viruses and helps in boosting the immune system and fighting against cell damage. It is also known to help fight cancer, anemia or low hemoglobin, and muscular degeneration.

Orange juices are also good in preventing kidney stones because of their ability to manage alkaline urinary pH levels.

Aside from vitamin C, a cup of orange juice which contains only 111 Calories, is known to have Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium, Carbohydrates, sugar, Protein, Folate, and Fiber.

These essential nutrients and minerals help keep a healthy growth and development, help in nerve function, give energy and help in dietary maintenance.

Orange juice is also known to have antioxidants which typically fight free radicals and prevent cell damage. Moreover, orange juice contains anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting against infections and inflammation.

In addition to these benefits, commercially manufactured orange juice typically contains vitamin D, which helps in intestinal absorption. Together with Calcium, vitamin B from orange juice results in better bone health and blood maintenance.

Eggs, on the other hand, have been known to promote heart health because they contain betaine and choline, which help in lipid metabolism. These also help in increasing muscle mass and reducing fat. Moreover, choline enables brain function and boosts maternity health.

Eggs also contain vitamin B12, which helps in your metabolism and function and the development of various organs like the brain, nerves, and even blood. It has high-density lipoprotein more commonly known as the “good cholesterol”.

Eggs are also good for those who have vitamin D deficiency because they contain about 8.2mcg of vitamin D, which is known to maintain muscle function and strengthen the immune system.

A recent study has shown that eggs help in lowering the risk of heart disease and brain stroke, and have been known to help in weight management.

It has low calories, whilst being rich in protein and other necessary nutrients. It also contains Omega-3s that help in cell structure and fight against memory loss, rheumatoid arthritis, and joint pains.

Together, orange juice and eggs contain various nutrients necessary for body function and development in the heart, brain, blood, and anatomical processes like metabolism, immune response, digestion, whilst also preventing chronic illnesses and diseases.

Orange Juice with Raw Eggs Combination

While many people prefer to drink orange juice and eat eggs separately, some actually consume these together in one beverage.

Muscleman celebrities like Sylvester Stallone or characters like Gerald McRaney in the movie Never Ending Story were seen drinking orange juice mixed with raw eggs, which begs the question, can you drink orange juice with just raw eggs?

The quick answer is yes, although there may be some repercussions you have to consider like the taste or even salmonella.

And although this may be an odd combination, drinking orange juice with raw eggs was a common practice during the 1950s and 1960s as a quick breakfast fix or hangover remedy.

This pairing was actually popularized by an American fruit drink beverage chain called Orange Julius.

Their original recipe called for raw eggs, however, recently the company, which is now bought by Dairy Queen, has found a way to make the citrusy and creamy drink by adding a pasteurized egg or powdered eggs.

The name Orange Julius was said to have come from people who ordered and said, “Give me an orange, Julius!”

orange juice eggs

Orange Juice with Eggs as a Breakfast and Hangover Remedy

Orange juice contains Vitamin C, fructose, minerals, and water that help hydrate and give nutrition to the body. These are essential especially for those starting their day or those who need immediate vitamins and minerals after a night of drinking.

When blenders became more available for home use in the 1970s, many started blending orange juice and raw eggs as a quick breakfast meal since it is efficient to make, and rich in nutrients. More recently, this recipe has evolved into a more complex one as many ingredients became available.

While this helps in liver health, and other bodily functions, and contains a nutritional value, it may cause irritation as it is still acidic. Therefore, it may be better to wait a few hours before ingesting. This refreshing drink must be consumed with caution after a night of drinking.

How to Make the Traditional Orange Julius

Traditionally, Orange Julius was made with basic ingredients commonly found in the kitchen. This easy-to-make recipe made it a breakfast staple or efficient remedy in the past decades.

It was made simply by blending the following ingredients:

  • 2 eggs (You may opt to remove the egg yolk)
  • 1 cup orange juice (you may adjust based on your citrus preference)
  • 1 cup water
  • Sugar
  • Ice (optional)

To make this foamy and citrusy beverage, simply blend the egg and slowly add the sugar while setting the machine at high speed. Once it is foamy, you may add the water and orange juice. For cold and more refreshing results, opt to add half a cup of ice.

Substitute Ingredients to Make the Orange Julius

Orange Julius remains a popular drink even until now.

Although originally the ingredients to make orange Julius were simple, in the past decades, it has been modified into various recipes, to the point that some have ultimately removed egg, which was one of the main ingredients.

To get the foamy texture, some people would opt to use a cup of milk, powdered creamer, yogurt, or even ice cream in substitution for the raw egg. Additionally, a few teaspoons of vanilla extract and sweeteners helped in balancing the aroma and flavor of the beverage.

Others may even include fruits and vegetables like pears, apples, kale, spinach, to make the drink even more nutritious or add a different flavor. Still, the orange remains a staple in ensuring that the drink is citrusy while sweet and sour.

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