How to Transport Several Pies Safely

There are literally hundreds of pies out there. However, there are only a handful of ways to take them from point A to point B without them ending up smashed and messy and/or completely bad.

Pies should be placed individually in small pizza boxes, which should then be piled and tied or taped together to keep them from sliding around and falling over. Pies may also be placed individually in reusable or disposable pie containers with lids. Using commercial pie carriers is also an option.

Whether those pies you need to transport are store-bought or homemade, don’t stop reading now.

This post is all about transporting pies — from cream pies to double-crust fruit pies, from a single pie to several different pies. After checking out the entirety of this article, you will be able to call yourself a pie-transporting maven!

But first, let’s get this question that many feel too shy to ask out of the way…

fresh pies

Can Pies be Shipped?

Pies are shipped best through emergency or overnight courier service to make sure that they will get to their destination before they perish. They may also be shipped via refrigerated shipping. Beforehand, pies should be placed individually in boxes, bubble wrapped and packed in the shipping box.

Not all pies are created equal. Some have a more robust construction that can easily withstand transport and handling, while others have a more delicate structure that’s always at risk of getting ruined.

When shipping a pie, it’s always a good idea to ship something that can resist quite a beating.

Regardless of the type of pie — structurally sound or delicate or easily perishable or with a substantial shelf life — that you wish to send as a gift or just a special treat, shipping it the right way is important. This is to make sure that the baked goodie will reach the recipient with its integrity intact.

The following are the steps to take when shipping a pie in order to keep it out of harm’s way during the transport and allow your family or friends to enjoy it as intended:

  1. Freeze the pie. Freezing not only solidifies the pie for better transport but also extends its freshness. The best time to stash the pie in the freezer is the night before shipping.
  • Wrap in aluminum foil. Wrapping the pie in aluminum foil can help to keep the crust from breaking apart and the filling from spilling out of the crust.
  • Place in a box or container. Besides a small pizza box, you can also place the product wrapped in aluminum foil in a lidded pie container, either disposable or reusable.
  • Wrap in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap provides much-needed protection just in case the pie gets bashed around during transport, thus keeping the item out of harm’s way.
  • Pack in the shipping box. Place the bubble-wrapped box or pie container in the center of the shipping box and fill it with loose-fill material and, if necessary, regular or cushioned ice packs.

Best Pie Transport Containers

The best pie containers for transport are those with a sturdy structure and a secure lid. Most reusable pie containers are airtight, protecting pies from the elements and thus helping them to stay fresh longer. Some pie containers are stackable, allowing for more secure transport of several pies.

Small pizza boxes can be used as containers for transporting pies. But since they are designed to accommodate something else, it’s not unlikely for problems to strike when they are used as makeshift pie containers.

You can visit a local baking supplies and equipment store and make do with the available pie containers.

Or you can shop for pie containers online where there are tons of options available, ranging from disposable to reusable and from cheap to expensive. There are also individual pie slice containers, decorative pie boxes with windows and commercial pie carriers, some of which come insulated, too.

Some pie containers are designed for storing pies on the countertop or in the refrigerator. But then there are also those that are specifically designed for transporting pies safely and securely.

The following are some of the best pie transport containers available on the internet:

Sweet Creations Pie Carrier

Capable of accommodating pies up to 10 inches in diameter, Sweet Creations Pie Carrier is made of a plastic material that’s high-impact and BPA-free. Costing almost $15, the product boasts of features such as a non-slip bottom, locking cover and handle. Multiple Sweet Creations Pie Carriers can be stacked and nested to save space.

Zilpoo Plastic Pie Container

It’s nice to know that Zilpoo Plastic Pie Container is not only microwave-safe but also dishwasher-safe — it’s a must for busy individuals who need to store and transport pies in reusable containers. The product has a 10.5-inch diameter and can thus accommodate the largest of pies. With an almost $17 price tag, the pie container is stackable and airtight, too.

Miles Kimball Stay Fresh Pie Carrier

Costing a little more than $21 and out of BPA-free plastic, Miles Kimball Stay Fresh Pie Carrier has a top diameter of 11.75 inches and a bottom diameter of 1.92 inches. The cover is hinged, too, so that you won’t lose it, although it appears like it’s not the most airtight of lids. Stackable and reusable, you can use it to store many food products other than a pie.

ATRDTO Portable Pie Carrier

Besides pies, ATRDTO Portable Pie Carrier can be used for storing and transporting cupcakes and eggs — the inclusion of removable cupcake and egg trays makes it very clear. Just almost $18, the product can accommodate pies up to 10 inches in diameter. It also features a lid with clamps and a pair of collapsible handles.

LocknLock Pie Baking Dish and Container

Buying the product is like getting your hands on two items at once. That’s because LocknLock Pie Baking Dish and Container can be used for baking as well as storing and transporting pies. The body is out of borosilicate glass that can resist sudden changes in temperatures and the lid is airtight and boasts of a four-hinge locking mechanism.

Youngever Plastic Pie Container

It’s true that it may be the most basic-looking pie container on the market. However, Youngever Plastic Pie Container with an almost $16 price tag can do things a pie container is meant to do — accommodate pies up to 10 inches in diameter, provide an airtight seal, and stack on top of each other to save space and keep the kitchen organized.

MontoPack Aluminum Foil Pans and Containers

Especially when baking several pies that need to be taken elsewhere, it’s a smart idea to opt for MontoPack Aluminum Foil Pans and Containers — all 40 pieces cost less than $20. What’s great about these 9-inch disposables with transparent lids is that you can bake your pies in them and afterward use them to transport your creations.

Party Bargains Aluminum Pans With Plastic Lids

Many disposable pie containers online have no lids. Well, not the Party Bargains Aluminum Pans With Plastic Lids — you can use them for baking, storing and transporting pies. Costing almost $21, these pie baking dishes slash containers provide room for pies up to 9 inches in diameter. However, the transparent lids are not the most secure.

Moretoes Brown Pie Boxes

Whether you are transporting pies as gifts or as homemade baked products for sale, consider placing them individually in 10 x 10 x 2.5-inch Moretoes Brown Pie Boxes. Each one comes with a decorative window that allows everyone to see just how beautiful and delicious-looking your pies are. A 24-piece pack costs almost $18 only.

MT-Products White Paperboard Pastry Box

One of the nicest things about MT-Products White Paperboard Pastry Box is that each one has an auto pop-up feature that allows for quick and easy assembly. The white boxes have a window, thus allowing you to showcase your baked masterpieces in the kitchen or at your bakeshop, and while transporting them, too.

Besides buying a pie carrier, you can also make your own — online, there are tons of DIY pie carrier tutorials. Some are out of cardboard or cloth, which requires you to have a knack for arts and crafts, while others are made from wood, which requires you to have some woodworking skills.


How to Wrap a Pie as a Gift

A pie can be wrapped as a gift in a couple of ways. Something in a box can be wrapped and adorned in a traditional manner. On the other hand, something in a round container can be wrapped in cellophane just like a gift basket. A pie may also be placed in a decorative cardboard box with a window.

Whether the pie is store-bought or homemade, it can make any special day more memorable.

Like any other gift, wrapping a pie adds an element of surprise and makes the receiver feel even more important. It also allows the giver to showcase his or her creative and artistic side.

The easiest pie to wrap is something that’s placed in a box — a box-shaped container is fairly effortless to wrap. It’s also perfectly fine to simply put the pie in a decorative box, including one with a window that makes it possible for the recipient to marvel at the beauty of the baked treat even before opening the box.

Wrapping a pie in a round container is a bit challenging because of the shape, but it can be done.

One of the quickest and simplest ways to wrap a pie in a round container is by treating it like it’s a gift basket. All you have to do is place the pie on a large piece of cellophane, fold the corners upward and secure with a ribbon or tape. Besides cellophane, you may also wrap it using a colorful mesh cloth or a thin piece of cloth with a nice pattern.

Placing the pie in a round container in a beautiful basket is also a wonderful idea. A wicker basket is the top choice, but you may also choose to repurpose a bamboo steamer basket.

When giving a pie as a gift, timing is essential — since a pie is a perishable item, you should wrap it only when you are ready to head to the venue or ship the baked product to the receiver. It’s also a must to ensure that the pie will get there in one piece. Below, we will talk about transporting different pies — so don’t stop reading now!

How to Transport Pies in Car

When transporting a pie in the car, it should be packed in a dedicated pie container or box and then allowed to sit flat on the floor. Whether fresh from the oven or freezer, a pie should be wrapped in a towel or stored in an insulated container. A pie should never be placed in a car compartment.

Pies that do not contain eggs and dairy products can stay at room temperature for up to two days. On the other hand, those who do should not be kept outside the refrigerator for more than two hours.

It’s because of this why you should carefully choose which type of pie you should transport.

Besides making sure that the pie will still be fresh by the time it gets to its destination, it’s also important that you transport a pie in your car carefully, keeping it from getting smacked and smashed at any time along the way. Luckily, a pie can be safely transported by placing it in the right container or box and putting it flat on the floor of your car.

Different pies have to be transported in a car slightly differently. The following are some quick tips and trips on driving with a store-bought or homemade pie for a passenger:

How do you transport a cream pie?

Because a cream pie has a highly perishable filling, it should be stored in the freezer overnight. It should then be placed in a pie container and then in a larger container with freezer gel packs underneath. If possible, avoid transporting a cream pie in the middle of the day, especially during summer.

How do you transport a meringue pie?

A meringue pie should not be left at room temperature for more than two hours. Before transporting a meringue pie, allow it to chill in the refrigerator. Carefully place the meringue pie in an insulated pie container or a regular pie container and then place it in a large cooler with freezer gel packs.

How do you transport a custard pie?

Eggs and milk as ingredients make a custard pie go bad rather quickly. When a custard pie needs to be transported, chill it in the refrigerator beforehand — freezing a custard pie is not recommended. Afterward, place the custard pie in an insulated pie container, especially if the drive is going to be a long one.

How do you transport a chiffon pie?

Since a chiffon pie is both highly delicate and perishable, it’s a must to transport it the right way. A chiffon pie should be refrigerated and not frozen before transporting it. It should then be placed in a pie container large enough to accommodate it. Wrap the pie container in a towel with some freezer gel packs beneath it.

How do you transport a double-crust fruit pie?

What’s so nice about a double-crust fruit pie is that it can stay fresh for up to two days at room temperature, which makes transporting it easier. Still, it’s of utmost importance to wrap a double-crusted fruit pie in aluminum foil and then place it in a pie container or a small pizza box to keep it from damage.

How do you transport an apple pie?

A regular apple pie is easier to transport than an apple pie that has custard or cream or eggs in the crust because it’s less perishable. It goes without saying that the latter requires refrigeration beforehand and the use of an insulated pie container. Whether regular or with dairy, an apple pie should be handled with care.

How do you transport a galette?

It’s not just making a galette that’s easy — storing it is trouble-free, too, as it can be kept on a countertop at room temperature for up to two days. Needless to say, transporting a galette is quite effortless. However, placing it in a proper container or box is essential as it’s not impervious to breaking.

How do you transport a tart?

Tart can stay in excellent condition for up to two days at room temperature. It also has a rather sturdy crust, which makes it less susceptible to getting damaged during transport. But like other pies, a tart should be protected from dust and dirt by placing it in a dedicated container or box.

How do you transport a quiche?

Because of its ingredients, a quiche is highly perishable. When transporting it, there are a couple of options: transport it cold and transport it hot. So, in other words, it’s a good idea for a quiche to be immediately placed in an insulated pie container after taking it out of the freezer or the oven.

How do you transport mini pies?

Mini pies are best transported placed in a cupcake tin and then placed in a box large enough to accommodate them. It’s also possible for mini pies to be transported by placing them in a container with a dedicated cupcake tray. Depending on the type, mini pies may have to be transported in an insulated container.

How do you transport a frozen pie?

A pie that needs to be frozen before transportation is highly perishable. This means that it has to be kept at low temperatures while being transported. A frozen pie should be placed in an insulated pie container. It may also be placed in a large cooler with enough freezer gel packs in the bottom.

How do you transport a homemade pie?

Transporting a homemade pie is more convenient if it’s baked in an aluminum pan with a lid. This allows a pie fresh from the oven to be transported without any delay. It’s a good idea to place the aluminum pan in a larger pie container for added protection, or in something that’s insulated in order to keep it warm.

Just Before You Take Pies From One Place to the Other

Different pies have different crusts and different fillings. It’s exactly because of this why one pie may have to be transported in a different way from the other. When you need to take a pie, whether store-bought or homemade, elsewhere, consider how delicate and perishable it is to have an idea of how to transport it safely.

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