How To Store Baking Powder Long Term

Baking powder is an ingredient commonly used in many recipes as a leavening agent. The key to extending the usability of the baking powder is to try to store it from any moisture and air. It is because both of which can affect the potency and function of it as a leavening agent. If you are planning to stock up large quantities, here is the way on how to store baking powder long term:

There are different methods to store baking powder, but the most common step is storing the baking powder in mason jars and use a food sealing system (vacuum) to get rid of the air from the jar. Another method is through vacuum sealing the baking powder in bags.

Baking powder can have an indefinite shelf-life when kept free from moisture and other contamination. But generally, baking powders have shelf-lives that can last for around 18 to 24 months.

Methods To Store Baking Powder Long Term

baking powder

There are three ways on how to maximize the lifespan of a baking powder:

Storing the baking powder in mason jars and use food sealing system to remove the moisture from the jar

Using a food vacuum system can remove the air from either bags or jars used to store the baking powder and create an airtight seal to lock in the freshness. For your information, moisture is one of the main causes of mold and food spoilage.

With this method, you will need to use mason jars to store baking powder. You will also need a canning jar attachment to seal baking powder in the jar.

Using vacuum systems usually allows your baking powder to last for a year or even longer. Now if the baking powder is stored for over a year untouched, I recommend you to test it, if it is still active or okay to use before using it.

Store the baking powder in mason jars

What you will need:

  • Baking powder
  • Clean and dry mason jars
  • A food saver machine with jar sealing attachment
  • A funnel to be used in placing baking powder over mason jars

Steps to store baking powders in mason jars

  1. Use a deep spoon to ladle baking powder into the jars
  2. Full the jars up just leaving about half-inch space
  3. Place the coffee filter or cupcake liner at the top of the jar
  4. When removing the air from the jar, the food saver may suction some baking powder and then become blocked. The filter or the liner will act as a barrier between the baking powder and the machine.
  5. Soak the jar lids in boiling water, then wipe the jar lids until they become completely dry.
  6. Remove any residues of the baking powder by wiping the around the ring lid of the jar.
  7. To use the food saver with the canning jar attachment, place the flat lid on top of the jar, you will not need the ring to hold the lid on.
  8. Set the canning jar vacuum seal attachment on top, connect it to the hose attachment, and then press the “Start” button on the vacuum sealer appliance. (The hose attachment will come with the Food Saver unit.)
  9. The canister attachment will vacuum out the air from the jar. Then place the ring around the lid of the mason jar.

Best mason jars to store baking powder

KAMOTA Mason Jars 16 oz with regular lids and bands

These mason jars are made from premium string quality glass jars with silver lids. They are constructed with the highest quality materials for maximum durability and convenience.

Rest assured that the jars are 100% BPA Free, food-safe, and dishwasher safe. The silver lids are lab-certified corrosion-resistant material.

The glass jars come with an elegant design and the transparent glass allows you to see what is inside. Each lid is designed carefully for easy use and storage.

They are also leak-proof to preserve food while still being easy to open and close. Aside from being food storage, you can use these mason jars to make unique creations and gifts. You can paint and decorate them and use the jars to create party lights.

FRUITEAM Mini Mason Jars with lids and bands

This set comes with 12 x 118 ml regular mouth mason jars and 12 silver split lids, 12 decorative peel n’ stick labels, and one DIY pen.

They are BPA-free and 100% food safe grade glass, which is ideal for baby foods, yogurt, jam, honey, candles, body butter, and many more. Aside from being food storage, they can also be used for crafting and gift-giving.

However, do not place them in oven ozone disinfection cabinet, acute thermal since they cannot withstand such heat and pressure.

Also, do not put the lid on the microwave.

Nonetheless, the jars are easy to clean and are 100% leak-proof so that its contents remain safe while it is being stored. The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty to give the best value to your hard-earned money.

Vacuum Seal The Baking Powder In Bags

The baking powder can be vacuum-sealed in bags so that it will last longer. However, vacuum sealing baking powders can be a bit tricky, so it is important to follow the guide to avoid any damage to your vacuum sealing system.

Since the particles of the baking powder are so small, they may be sucked into the vacuum system and damage the food saver system.

I would recommend placing the baking powder in another zipper bag, pricking the top with a safety pin before putting the zipper bag into the vacuum bag. The zipper bag will act as a barrier to stop the powder from being sucked into the system.

Steps to vacuum seal baking powder in bags

  1. Remove the baking powder from the original packaging and place it in the food-safe zipper bag
  2. Try to remove as much air before sealing the zipper bag
  3. With the use of a safety pin, prick numerous tiny holes just below the zipper. This allows the air to be removed by the food system, but not the baking powder.
  4. Place the zipper bag upside down in the vacuum bags. The side with the zipper that has holes should be at the bottom.
  5. When turning the zipper bag upside down, some baking powder will escape from the tiny holes and fall into the bottom of the vacuum bag.
  6. Don’t be afraid, this is normal and since it is the bottom, most likely it will not get sucked up into the system.
  7. Put the unsealed on top of the vacuum bag to connect it to the system and start the machine.
  8. The machine will then remove any excess air from the bag without suctioning the baking powder.
  9. Write the date and the contents of the bag.

Best vacuum sealers for food storage

Vacuum Sealer Machine by Entrige

The Entrige Vacuum Sealer helps in preserving food since it works by eliminating the oxygen in the container that can effectively prevent food spoilage and deterioration.

It is cleverly designed by owning two selectable modes in providing food with the best possible preservation based on the type of food you want to seal. It has a setting for solid food items and for poached, simmered, or steamed food.

It comes in a compact size and is very lightweight so that you can store and move it around. This also helps so you can clean the sealer machine easily and safely. The machine is also easy to operate because it is designed with a fully automatic vacuum sealing operation.

All the stainless steel panels, electric plug, LED indicator lights are placed on top of the panel and provide a user-friendly experience for its operator.

NESCO Deluxe Vacuum Sealer

This vacuum sealer is equipped with all the versatility and performance you are looking for. You can choose 3 different seal settings: Dry, Moist, and Double, then choose the vacuum pressure from Normal to Gentle so you can softer foods safe.

The built-in bag cutter and a storage compartment with a clear viewing window can make this an overall one-stop for keeping the food fresh up to 5 times longer than the traditional methods.

This sealer can cater up to an 11.8 width bag, providing the versatility needed for a wide range of sealing jobs. The best thing about this product is that it is compatible with any brand of vacuum sealer bag.

Store The Baking Powder In Mylar Bags

Lastly, you can store the baking powder in Mylar bags. Just a brief history of Mylar bags, they are first used by NASA for blankets and long-term supply storage.

They are flexible and strong, making them perfect for storing food when sealed properly. The Mylar bags can create a barrier between the food and effects of the environment such as light, heat, moisture, and oxygen.

They are reusable, making them great value for your money. These bags can be sealed with the use of a simple clothes iron.

How to store the baking powder in Mylar bags

  1. Remove the baking soda from the manufacturer’s package and then store it in Mylar bags.
  2. Seal the bag with the heat from a hot iron and store it in buckets with an airtight lid
  3. Use a marker and write the content and date of packaging directly on any buckets and the Mylar bags as well.

Remember to store, sugar, salt, baking soda, and baking powder should be stored in mylar bags without oxygen absorbers.

Best mylar bags for food storage

TEKUNLIMITED 5 Gallon Mylar Bags and Oxygen Absorbers

With such a size capacity, you cannot only store coffee, beans, herbs, powder, and spices but large bulk items like rice, wheat, and grains.

This mylar bag is extremely durable wherein oxygen, moisture, heat, and bacteria, which are known enemies of long-time food storage.

The product is made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate with a thickness of 5 mil, which makes them far stronger and resistant to tears and holes.

With its strong seal closure, rest-assured the isolation of content inside from the outside world ensures longevity and freshness. It has an airtight feature that works with a hot iron or a heat sealer to block oxygen and other unwanted substances from spoiling the content.

No worries, the materials are made from food-grade materials, so rest assured that they are safe to use.

PROPREMIUM MYLAR BAGS Airtight Vacum Sealing Sealable Bags

These mylar bags from ProPremium are crafted from the thickest 7.4 mil aluminum mylar foil on both the front and back sides. They are BPA-free and odorless. The premium bags are made to protect the contents from light, insects, mold, moisture, and degradation over time.

You can seal them with the use of a simple household iron, hair straightener, impulse sealer, or clamshell sealer. Make sure to squeeze as much moisture out of the bag as possible before sealing to increase shelf-life.

The best thing about these bags is that they can be expanded to stand upright, and maximize the storage space in cabinets, totes, drawers, and containers, and on the shelves. They can resist punctures, pinholes, and damage from sharp corners. The bags can be rolled up, crumpled, and reused without losing their integrity.

How To Store Baking Powder After Opening

The key to storing baking powder is to keep it away from moisture and place them in a clean and dry airtight container in the dark area of your home.

Once you open the package of baking powder, make sure to keep it tightly sealed. You may follow any of the methods mentioned above. If you are not planning to use it, it is best to transfer it to an airtight container and keep it in a dark cupboard or the pantry.

Can You Store The Baking Powder In The Fridge?

Baking powder should be stored in a dry cupboard away from heat and excessive moisture. You must use a dry utensil in measuring it and replace the lid every after use. If you use a utensil that is damp, it can cause a reaction inside the can and teh baking powder may not be working properly.

Meanwhile, you should never, ever try to refrigerate or freeze the baking powder. While putting things in the fridge can extend the shelf-life, the opposite is true for baking powder. Putting the baking powder in the fridge or freezer can end up ruining the powder, making it unusable for baking.

This happens because the condensation from the fridge can cause the baking powder to activate inside the can. When this happens, it is not possible to return the baking powder to its original state, rendering it useless for cooking and baking.

A similar event will happen if you choose to place the baking powder in the freezer.

The freezer’s harsh environment can damage the baking powder, meaning you will not be able to use it for cooking anymore.

Just like putting it in the fridge, placing the baking powder in the freezer will put it in an irreversible state, meaning you will not be able to fix it or bring it back to its original state. This is worthy to note if you want to make sure that you will not end up wasting your baking powder.

How Long Can Baking Powder Be Stored

flour for buscuits

Unopened baking powder can be stored for up to 18 months and still be fresh and usable. After that, you will likely notice a loss in potency when using it in baking some recipes.

Opened baking powder should be used within 6 months to avoid contamination. Many packages include the place where you can write the date you opened the lid, this is a helpful way to track the freshness of the product.

Baking soda and powder are both important ingredients in baking and to assure they are effective, freshness must always be monitored.

How To Test The Baking Powder For Freshness

Just like with many baking ingredients, baking powder can go bad. While you may not think about it going bad or become unusable, baking powder is unique because it will not be nearly as effective if it is no longer fresh.

Often you can use the can’s expiration or best-by-date as a guide to how old your baking powder is. If you cannot find the date, you might feel lost on how you can check if the baking powder is still good. Thankfully, there is a method that you can use to test the freshness.


  1. Get a quarter-cup of water, then mix about half a teaspoon of baking powder into the cup. You can stir it in to ensure that it is thoroughly mixed.
  2. If the mixture bubbles, the baking powder is still fresh after you stir it a bit. If it does not react with water, it is now time to replace the baking powder.

Once the baking powder goes bad, it will not be dangerous to your health, so you don’t have to worry about accidental ingestion.

However, expired baking powder will not be nearly as effective as helping the baked goods rise when they are in the oven. This means that the goods will turn out flat and with the wrong texture.

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