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Do You Aerate Rose or White Wines?

Many wine drinkers know that several red varieties of wine need aeration. However, did you know that rose and white wines need aeration, too? Aeration is a simple technique of wine preparation that can benefit many different wine varieties. Nose-centric rose wines and dry, full-bodied white wines must be aerated for up to an hour…

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How Many Calories in Rosé Wine?

Rosé wine tends to be looked over for by drinkers for the more popular red and white wine. These individuals do not know what they are missing. Rosé is not only lower in calories; it is light and refreshing. It makes for the perfect companion on a warm summer night. Rosé wine is 83 calories…

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Does Rose Wine Have Gluten

If you are on a gluten-free diet or you have a gluten allergy, you probably keep a mental list in your head of all the foods and beverages you shouldn’t consume because they aren’t gluten-free. While some food items are easy to identify as containing gluten or being gluten-free, others can be a bit tricky….

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How to Make Rosé Wine

Rosé wine is one of the most popular styles of wine produced for summer drinking. However, making this wine style is a little bit different than making a straight white or red wine. The process of making rosé is why this wine has such versatility when it comes to flavor, aroma, and appearance. The most…

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Blush vs. Rose Wines Breakdown

When you hear wine enthusiasts talking about blush wine or rosé, they could be talking about any number of pink wines. Often people will incorrectly use these two terms interchangeably. A rosé wine might be a blush wine, but a blush wine isn’t necessarily a rosé wine. Blush wine can refer to either a traditional…

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Is Rosé Wine for Ladies Only?

Rosé wine is a popular choice for ladies’ night and with good reason. This pink drink is refreshing, tart, and perfect for warm summer nights. But is Rosé a drink that’s just for the ladies? Rosé is a wine varietal that is equally enjoyed by both men and women, especially as a casual drink for…

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Does Rosé Wine Make You Fat?

Ah, rosé! The drink that’s often paired with a romantic dinner. If it’s among your favorites, you probably don’t even need a special occasion to have it. But is wine really all that good for you? And more specifically, does rosé wine make you fat? Drinking rose wine in excess can make you fat. A…

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Are All Rosé Wines Sweet?

When people think of rosé wine, they often think of a sweet rosé. However, rosé wine is one of the oldest varieties of wine in the world, and there is a huge range of different flavor profiles associated with it. In general, rose wines run the gamut of flavor profiles from very dry to very…

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Wine and Cheese Combinations

With countless varieties of both cheese and wine, the possibilities are endless. Yet certain rules apple. Often, pairing the regional wines with local cheeses makes an ideal combination, such as Muenster with Alsatian Gewurztraminer, chevres with Sancerre, or Roquefort with Sauternes. Consider other beverages, too: tart cider or Calvados has a natural affinity for soft-ripened…