Why do Waffle Makers Flip?

The waffle maker is a popular kitchen appliance that has found a place in many homes worldwide. You can enjoy waffles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, given the proper accompaniments. When looking for waffle makers, you will find versions that are stationary and options that flip. 

Some waffle makers flip to help ensure the waffles are spread evenly across the surface. However, there are a few more things to note about flipping waffle makers

In this article, you will learn why waffle makers flip and the best options to purchase. Read on to learn more about how flipping waffle makers can better your breakfast!

Waffle maker

Flipping Waffle Makers

If you have ever visited a restaurant that serves waffles or stayed in a hotel with a waffle maker at the breakfast bar, you have likely noticed they flip midway through the cooking process. 

It may seem this is a novelty employed by the company to help make the process more fun, but there is a purpose for the mid-cook flip. When you pour the batter onto the surface of the waffle maker, you will notice the batter does not always cover the entire surface.  

If you try to add more batter to fill in the surface, you will overflow the waffle maker. By allowing the waffle maker to flip, you can fill the entire surface.

Why Fill The Surface?

You may be wondering why it is so important to fill the surface of the waffle maker before cooking. There are several reasons that you should cover the surface of the waffle maker. 

Less batter: If you can spread the waffle batter evenly across the surface, you will use less batter. Less batter means you will get more waffles from each batch of batter that you make. 

Even cooking: Spreading the batter across the surface of the waffle maker, allows for even cooking of the waffle. Even cooking ensures parts aren’t crisp while others are undercooked. 

Appearance: The appearance of waffles that have been evenly spread across the surface and cooked is more appetizing than an unevenly cooked waffle. Even batter allows for a nice golden brown color across the surface. 

Are Waffle Makers that Flip Better?

There are many types of waffle makers on the market. Some flip while others are stationary. Both options will allow you to make a delicious waffle, but the finished product may vary in appearance between the two. 

Standard Waffle Maker:  A standard waffle maker is quite common. Standard waffle makers sit on the counter and open and close much like a clamshell. They are typically a little less expensive than waffle makers that flip. 

Rotating/Flip Waffle Maker: Rotating waffle makers tend to take up a bit more counter space because they need room to rotate. You will likely notice these waffle makers also tend to be a bit heavier than standard models. Waffle makers that rotate can be more expensive. 

It is difficult to say which is a better option because it depends on personal preference and the space you have to store and use the appliance. If you enjoy making picture-perfect meals, you would likely be happier with a flipping waffle maker. 

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Do all Waffle Makers Have Removable Plates?

Many waffle makers have the option of removable plates. While this isn’t a standard feature in all waffle makers, it is common in several. Removable plates are preferred because they help simplify the cleaning process. 

If you have a waffle maker that does not have removable plates, it can be cleaned, but it takes a bit more care and caution. Waffle makers without removable plates, require caution so you don’t get the electrical components wet.  

Flip Waffle Makers

If you have ever looked to purchase a waffle maker or any other appliance, you likely know it can be an overwhelming experience. Buying a waffle maker should be a simple task, but there are many options to choose from. Here are some of the top options. 

Bella Rotating Waffle Maker

The Bella waffle maker is a compact waffle maker that can be easily stored and offers nine heat settings. When you are done using this waffle maker, you can fold the handle in to provide easier storage. For ease of cleaning, the power cord is removable for easier cleaning. 


The Cuisinart waffle maker is a durable appliance that can make two waffles at one time. The rotating feature allows the waffles to brown evenly. There is an adjustable browning option to help you customize the darkness of the waffles. 

Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

This waffle maker is equipped with six different browning levels and a timer to help make sure the cooking time is always perfect. There is also a catch tray at the bottom of the waffle maker to help make clean-up easier. 

Are Flip Waffle Makers More Expensive?

Flip waffle makers are all quite similar, but some are much more expensive than others. When purchasing a flip waffle maker, you will likely find options at all price levels. 

Some waffle makers are commercial style, which means they are heavy duty and will cost more. 

The cost is higher because they are made to be used excessively in a commercial setting. 

If you want a flip waffle maker that will be a good household appliance, you can likely find one for between $30 and $200.

Household appliances can be dangerous and a waffle maker is no exception. Flip waffle makers are a bit heavier and have more moving parts that could cause potential injury. that being said, a flip waffle maker is no more dangerous than a standard model.

If you are using the waffle maker in a home with children, you must teach them not to touch or play with the waffle maker. Because the rotating waffle maker could spill batter or be a bit more unsteady it could cause unnecessary injury. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, waffle makers come in two varieties: flip and standard. Not all waffle makers flip, but those that do, do so for a purpose. The flipping action provides even batter and a consistent method of cooking. 

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