Can You Keep Vodka in a Decanter?

Have you ever visited a high-end bar where bartenders served vodka and other drinks in elegant crystal decanters? Decanters can enhance the way you pour alcohol and may improve the taste of fine wine, but keeping some beverages in a decanter for too long may cause them to go sour. So, what about Vodka?

You can keep vodka in a decanter provided it’s made from thick glass, and it’s lead-free. Glass decanters won’t cause the vodka to go bad and can be used to store spirits for several months without affecting the liquor’s taste.

This article will discuss why many people store vodka in decanters, how long you can leave it in a decanter, and what type of decanters are ideal for vodka. I will also give you tips on choosing the most suitable decanter for vodka and other similar liquors.

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Why Is Vodka Stored in a Decanter?

Vodka is sometimes stored in a decanter because it gives an aesthetically pleasing look when pouring from the crystal or glass container instead of pouring directly from the bottle. A decanter may also preserve the vodka for longer, provided it has an airtight seal.

Some people prefer to store spirits in decanters to hide the brand of vodka when serving their guests. If you love a vodka brand that has a ‘cheaper’ image, then you won’t want to give it to your guests directly from the bottle. Serving it from a crystal decanter will provide a more “expensive” appearance.

Many bars use the same tactic to deceive their customers and give cheaper liquors a quality impression, even though they may be serving regular vodka. It’s no secret that changing the packaging or presentation of any product can lead to an assumption that the product is of high quality.

However, not everyone will present cheap vodka in a decanter. Some of the more expensive vodka brands are sold in crystal decanters, and the taste lives up to expectations! So, if you’re served vodka in a decanter when at a high-end bar, then you’re probably getting quality liquor!

Will Vodka Go Bad in a Decanter?

Many people won’t store vodka in a decanter because other alcoholic beverages like wine and some types of whiskey may go bad when stored in decanters. Wine usually lasts several days in a decanter before going sour, but it’s not the same with vodka.

Vodka won’t go bad in a decanter, no matter how long you store it. However, it will lose its taste and quality after a year. Since vodka doesn’t usually have any flavor, you shouldn’t be worried anyway!

Even though vodka is flavorless, that doesn’t mean that it won’t lose its quality when stored for too long in a decanter. Also, try and keep it in an airtight decanter as this will help preserve the spirit’s quality for longer.

Suppose you store your vodka in an open decanter. In that case, the alcohol concentration will gradually decrease as alcohol gas escapes the container. Ultimately, you’ll be left with some grainy-tasting water.

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Which Decanter Is Best for Storing Vodka?

Glass decanters are best for storing vodka as they are inert and won’t cause the vodka to go bad. The best decanters for storing vodka have thick glass walls since vodka is a strong spirit.

If you’re going to store vodka in a thin glass vessel, avoid putting it in the freezer as it may cause the glass to break. Also, avoid using old crystal decanters that contain lead since lead reacts badly with high-ABV alcohols and may cause lead poisoning.

Most crystal decanters contain lead, but older ones may have around 30-40% lead, which is harmful to your health. When you store vodka in a crystal decanter, the metal will seep into the vodka, making it dangerous to drink.

Since vodka and other spirits are more potent than whiskey or beer, they should never be stored or served in leaded crystal decanters.

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Which Other Alcoholic Beverages Can I Store in a Decanter?

You can store most whiskey, beer, gin, rum, and some types of spirits in a decanter. You can also keep some wines in a decanter, but they will last for a few days at most before going bad.

Always make sure you choose the proper decanter for different alcoholic beverages. Vodka and other spirits shouldn’t be stored in a crystal decanter, while you can store beer, rum, and most whiskey in any decanter.

Wine decanters are usually used to let the wine breathe for a while before serving, which is why they aren’t airtight. This air circulation allows the tastes to express themselves after being trapped in the wine bottle for several months or years!

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For How Long Can You Store Vodka in a Decanter?

You can store vodka in a decanter for as long as you want. If the lid is airtight, you can keep the vodka for many years without affecting the spirit’s quality. However, you should avoid storing vodka for more than a year since it may start to develop a more pungent taste with prolonged storage.

Does Liquor Go Bad in a Decanter?

Liquor does not usually go bad in a decanter, provided that the lid is airtight and you keep it sealed. However, wines will go bad after a few days and shouldn’t be stored in decanters.

If you keep liquor in a crystalized decanter, your liquor may get contaminated with lead. For this reason, you should avoid using decanters with high lead content.

Should I Keep Vodka in the Fridge or Freezer?

You should keep your vodka in the fridge. Vodka is best served chilled, but there’s no need to keep your vodka in the freezer since it won’t freeze. Also, if the vodka’s in a glass bottle, then storing it in the freezer may cause the glass to break once you take it out.

Keeping your vodka in the fridge will help it remain chilled, and you won’t have to worry about broken glass!

What’s the Best Way To Store Vodka?

The best way to store vodka is to keep it in its original bottle. As soon as you open the bottle, the alcohol starts evaporating, and the vodka starts losing its effect. If you want to present it more elegantly, you can store it in an airtight decanter to preserve the quality.

Final Thoughts on Vodka in Decanter

Decanters are great for storing whiskey, vodka, and other liquors. They improve the aesthetic appeal of the vodka and may give elegance to cheap alcohol.

Storing vodka in a decanter won’t cause the vodka to go sour, but it won’t enhance the flavor either. Always keep your vodka in a thick glass decanter and avoid crystal decanters with high lead content.

You can also store other liquors in decanters, including whiskey, gin, spirits, and beer. Lastly, always ensure that the decanters are airtight, preserving the beverage’s taste for longer.

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