How Much to Tip Amazon Fresh in 2022

Amazon Fresh allows you to get your hands on an assortment of supermarket items without leaving your home. Whether you are a busy individual or like to avoid long lines at the checkout counter or a deadly virus, you can benefit so much from the service. And now you may be wondering how much to tip Amazon Fresh.

The Amazon Fresh app automatically adds a tip amounting to $5 each time the customer checks out. However, the amount can be changed before check out. A customer may choose to give a higher tip if satisfied with the service. A customer may also choose to set the amount of the tip to zero.

Not all hard-working people on the face of the planet are getting enough money.

Some of them are Amazon Fresh delivery drivers.

Especially during off-seasons, Amazon Fresh delivery drivers, just like many other minimum-wage earners from various industries, depends on tips the customers give to make ends meet.

Read on whether you are a regular Amazon Fresh customer or planning on using the service for the first time.

Below are some of the most important matters you need to know about tipping Amazon Fresh delivery people.


But First: When Did Tipping Begin?

Tipping began in Europe during the feudal system in the Middle Ages. By the 17th century, it became customary for overnight guests to provide sums of money to private homeowners to show their appreciation. Soon, everyone also started giving tips at various commercial establishments.

It was rich American travelers to Europe that brought tipping to the US. This is particularly true for those who wished to display their sophistication and wealth, too.

After the Civil War, tipping spread from commercial establishments to the hospitality sector first and foremost.

Giving tips was a solution many rich employers found effective for avoiding paying workers that they have formerly enslaved. Because of racist roots of tipping, many states tried to end the practice in the early 1900s.

The restaurant industry, however, fought back and removed local bans on tipping. The rest, as they say, is history.

How Much Should I Tip?

As a general rule of thumb, one should leave 15% to 20% of the bill (before tax). If the service is great, it is fine to add more to the tip, but never less than 20%. If the service is bad, one may leave a small tip or talk to the manager instead. Different industries have different tipping rules.

Humankind has been tipping for centuries already. Despite this, it’s still a source of confusion for many. A lot of people also debate over the amount of tips to give different service providers.

If it’s the first time that you have used a service, it is very much possible for tipping to give you unnecessary stress and anxiety!

This is especially true if you are planning on going for the very same service sooner or later. The thought of running into the same person whom you failed to tip correctly is enough to make you feel mortified.

Worry not!

The following are the rules on tipping different service providers:

Service ProviderTip Amount
Food server15% to 20% (at least 10% at a buffet or when picking up the item at the counter)
Pest exterminator$5 to $10 (more during the holidays)
Hairstylist15% to 20% (can be split among different people who helped)
Barber15% to 20% (can be split among different people who helped)
Plumbers$20 (can be more)
Electricians$20 (can be more)
Road service$10 to $20
Bellhop$1 to $2
Hotel housekeeping$2 to $5 (per day)
Maid10% to 15% (more during the holidays or for a job well done)
Local movers$20 (more if long distance or no dishes broke)
Cable installer$20 (if extremely happy with the service)
Postal carrierA low-cost gift like a mug or tumbler (they are not allowed to receive money)

And this takes us to a very important question that needs to be answered…

Do You Tip Amazon Delivery?

Tipping Amazon delivery people is a good idea. While tipping is optional, it helps make the day of those who deliver Amazon orders. This is especially true since they are not Amazon employees — they are local couriers. Further, Amazon delivery people make minimum wage or a just a little over it.

Refrain from assuming that Amazon delivery people are the same as the employees of multinational and multibillion delivery service companies such as UPS and FedEx.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon delivery people are couriers that work with local delivery companies Amazon has partnered with. In many instances, these people do not have big salaries, impressive benefits, company-provided trucks and many others.

Despite this, Amazon delivery people have to get to doorsteps fast!

Amazon delivery people deserve tips.

Giving them tips is also a great way to support your community. That’s because it can help make local employees happy with their employers, which is vital for a local company’s success.

How Much Do Amazon Fresh Drivers Make?

Amazon Fresh drivers make at least $18 per hour. The amount is a little higher than the $15 to $16 minimum wage that small business and commercial establishment employees are getting this year. During busy days and if they deliver products fast, Amazon Fresh drivers can make up to $25 per hour.

Earlier, it was mentioned that Amazon Fresh drivers can make anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour. However, it’s not all the time that Amazon Fresh drivers get the promised wage of Amazon.

This is when a problem strikes: Amazon uses the tips the customers give via the app to give delivery people their guaranteed wage.

It is due to this practice of Amazon why, in February 2021, the company had to settle a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation amounting to over $61.7 million.

Hopefully, from now on, Amazon Fresh drivers will get all the tips the customers give due to the said settlement.

How Do I Tip Amazon Fresh?

The app automatically adds a tip amounting to $5 when a customer checks out. The good news is that the customer can change the amount of tip prior to checking out. So, in other words, it can be set higher or lower than the default amount. The amount can also be set to zero if the customer wants.

Amazon Fresh drivers know that they can get tips by means of the app. Needless to say, they do not expect the customers to hand them some cash upon delivering their orders.

Many people who regularly avail of Amazon Fresh say that the tips they give range anywhere from $2 to $5.

It all depends on the quality of the service, including especially the attitude of the delivery people.

In some cases, some customers do not hesitate to give tips greater than $5 if they feel that the Amazon Fresh delivery people deserve more.

For instance, it’s a great idea to reciprocate the hard work of an Amazon Fresh delivery person with a tip higher than $5 if you have a lot of orders, your orders are heavy or the weather is inclement.

Do Amazon Prime Now Drivers See Tip?

Amazon Prime Now drivers do not see tips. They can have an idea of whether they were tipped or not by means of the app. However, the app does not tell them the amount of the tip they got or who gave them a tip. It also takes Amazon Prime Now drivers 24 to 48 hours to learn if they received tips.

Just because customers are using Amazon Fresh doesn’t mean that they have all the money in the world. Like others, there are times in which they have to stretch their available budget, too.

This is when the benefit of Amazon Prime Now drivers not seeing tips comes in.

Well, at least for a customer like you.

If you are trying to save some money and you wish to give a tip amounting to less than $5, which is the default set by the app, there is no need to worry about breaking the heart of the delivery person.

Just Before You Tip Amazon Fresh

When you check out, the app automatically adds a tip amounting to $5. Every tip you give will be added to the base pay of Amazon Fresh delivery people, provided that Amazon will no longer use tips to provide the guaranteed wage.

It is fine to change the amount of the tip before you check out — you can increase or decrease the tip. As a matter of fact, you can set it to zero.

But because Amazon Fresh delivery people are making minimum wage or just a little over it, giving them the recommended $5 tip each time is a good idea.

Interesting Facts

Do Amazon Fresh drivers pack the items?

The employees of the warehouse where the orders come from are the ones that pack the items. Amazon Fresh drivers simply pick them up and take them to the doorsteps of the customers. If the packaging is poor, it’s not the fault of the Amazon Fresh driver.

When do Amazon Fresh drivers get paid?

Amazon Fresh drivers get paid twice a week. Usually, they get their pay every Tuesday and Friday. However, Amazon Restaurant or Prime Now get paid after the tips are processed, which can take one to two days. Payments are sent through direct deposit.

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