How Long Is Tiramisu Good For?

Tiramisu is a creamy, coffee-flavored Italian dessert. It needs at least six hours in the fridge before serving. But let’s say you don’t want to eat Tiramisu just after it is ready, and instead, want to store it for later.

How long is Tiramisu good for?

As a general rule, Tiramisu is good for at least four days in a fridge if stored appropriately in an air-tight container. However, to enjoy its best qualities and flavors, you should eat it within two days. Also, you can freeze Tiramisu for up to three months.

Read on to know more about the factors that can affect the shelf life of Tiramisu, along with tips for keeping it suitable for a more extended period.


Factors That Affect The Shelf-Life of Tiramisu

1. Temperature

Tiramisu is a temperature-sensitive food, so you shouldn’t put it for long at room temperature. Tiramisu consists of the creamy texture of zabaglione custard, mascarpone cheese, and ladyfinger cookies.

The eggs present in the mascarpone cheese and the custard are the primary culprit of making Tiramisu perishable at room temperature.

The eggs in Tiramisu can spoil and increase the risk of food poisoning.

It is recommended to store Tiramisu in the refrigerator for three days. Although, you can keep egg custards like zabaglione safely in a fridge for up to 3-4 days.

However, the combination of soaked ladyfingers and custard may become soupy and unappetizing after two or three days.

Hence it is suggested to eat Tiramisu within two days to enjoy its best quality and flavors

2. Bacterial Growth

Remember, while serving, you can leave Tiramisu for up to two hours before it will start to spoil. In general, Tiramisu can last about 2 hours at room temperature. This is because the bacteria growth will happen rapidly at temperatures between 40°F and 140°F.

In addition to that, Tiramisu contains raw eggs and cream inside, which are perishable items.

So if you keep Tiramisu outside for more than two hours, then chances are that bacteria has already spoiled and contaminated it.

In Tiramisu, another ingredient is present, Mascarpone, a soft, fresh cheese. It adds firmness and body to your Tiramisu when we mix it with zabaglione.

Like all other cheeses in the US, it is also made using pasteurized milk. (In case you don’t know, the purpose of pasteurization milk is to increase its safety for the consumers by destroying all the diseases causing microorganisms.

But, the thing is that pasteurization is not just enough to prevent the cheese from becoming bad when you keep it at room temperature, specifically on a hot day.

However, refrigeration can help the Mascarpone maintain its texture in the Tiramisu.

How Long Does Tiramisu Last In the Freezer?

Tiramisu can typically last in a freezer for about three months, provided you store it in an air-tight container or a plastic zip bag.

The good thing about Tiramisu is that you can freeze with almost little to no quality loss. But it is crucial to store Tiramisu in the freezer appropriately.

You can store Tiramisu in a freezer-safe container and wrap it with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to ensure its better protection.

Storing the Tiramisu in the refrigerator can increase its shelf-life quite a lot, mainly because the cool temperatures in the freezer halts the bacterial growth.

Whenever you are ready to serve your Tiramisu, make sure that you thaw it overnight in the refrigerator.

How Do You Know If Tiramisu Is Bad?

There are four signs to know if your Tiramisu is bad:

1. Smell

Probably, one of the easiest ways to detect if your Tiramisu is bad is to check its smell. Tiramisu consists of dairy items in it, and they can get spoiled if you keep it outside at room temperature.

If your Tiramisu is spoiled, it will smell quite awful, and this is one of those signs you will be looking at to confirm whether or not your Tiramisu is bad.

2. Taste

Remember, a sour taste in Tiramisu is a sign of its spoilage. Usually, it should taste sweet and creamy. You shouldn’t expect its taste to be sour unless it is spoiled.

3. Mold Growth

When you keep your Tiramisu in a freezer, it is always recommended to keep it in an air-tight container. This practice will help keep the food away from the air that may contain mold spores.

If you see mold growth on your food, then it is advised to discard it as quickly as possible. And note, you shouldn’t cut the mold off as the whole Tiramisu can be contaminated by it, but you may not be able to see it.

4. Texture

If you find that the texture of your Tiramisu is overly soft, wet, mushy, then you can consider it a sign of going bad.

Refrigeration is an essential step in making Tiramisu because it helps mascarpone cheese keep its structure and prevents it from becoming mushy.

tiramisu cake

How to Keep Tiramisu Good For Long?

You can store Tiramisu in the freezer for up to 3 months. However, the concept of freezing the Tiramisu is only for homemade Tiramisu or the one that is still in the package form and hasn’t been opened yet. But anyway, let’s see some tips to keep it suitable for a long time.

  • Yes, the first and the foremost thing to store Tiramisu for long is to keep it in an air-tight container. This will ensure that the freshness of the Tiramisu is preserved for a long time.
  • Also, if you store Tiramisu in the freezer, try to put it in a plastic freezer bag or air-tight container and wrap the container with aluminum foil or plastic for more protection.
  • Make sure you use fresh pasteurized eggs to make Tiramisu.
  • Try to store your Tiramisu in the coolest part of your refrigerator, which will likely be the lowest shelf.
  • Avoid leaving your Tiramisu in the kitchen for more than two hours as it can get contaminated by bacteria.


Tiramisu is a lovely dessert that you can keep in a refrigerator for at least four days. But for its best quality, you should consume it within two days. And avoid keeping it outside for more than two hours at room temperature as it can get spoiled.

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