Is Scrapple Good For You?

Perhaps you have heard of a type of meat called Scrapple that is frequently served for breakfast. Or maybe you’ve recently tried it and enjoyed the experience. But if you don’t know much about scrapple, this could leave you wondering, is it good for you?

In general, scrapple meat is not as bad for you as you may think, but it isn’t necessarily good for you either. While packed with some essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, it also contains many of the same controversial ingredients as meats like bacon.

Read on to learn more about what scrapple is, and whether or not it should be considered part of a healthy diet.

What is Scrapple?

First and foremost, for those who didn’t grow up on the east coast, it’s important to explain just what scrapple is.

Scrapple is pork meat, but not just any pork meat. Instead, it is a mix of pork scraps—traditionally those which were not nice enough to use for sausage. The recipe varies from cook to cook, but it is typically a mix of pig heart, kidney, liver, and skin. All of this is chopped and mashed together to make one brick of meat that can be sliced.

This meat was brought to America by poor German immigrants in the 17th or 18th century. Although it may not sound very appetizing, Scrapple is great for the environment because it helps a cook to use every piece of the pig so there is no waste.

Despite its German origins, scrapple is something that is only found in the United States. A similar dish is made in Germany, called panhaas, which is made from pork scraps, but it is also mixed with buckwheat, setting it apart from the scrapple you buy at your local store.

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Is Scrapple Good For You?

Time for the question of the hour, just how much scrapple should you be eating, and should you be eating it at all?

The truth is, in moderation, scrapple isn’t terrible for you. This is because scrapple contains a large amount of vitamin A, which your body derives from the pig liver and kidneys. If you eat one serving of scrapple a day, it will provide you with 40% of your daily recommendation of Vitamin A.

But, before you go out and buy a ton of scrapple, it’s also important to note that this product is very similar to having a serving of bacon with your breakfast. This means it contains fat, sodium, and of course, lots of calories.

The good news is, scrapple contains fewer calories and sodium than bacon. This means it is generally a healthier breakfast meat choice than the alternatives. It also contains much less saturated fat as well.

How is Scrapple Served?

Besides just looking at the health content of the scrapple itself, it’s also critical to look at how scrapple is served. This is because the way you serve it could affect how good it is for you.

Usually, if scrapple is served plain, it will be complemented by a sweet or savory condiment. This can be ketchup, maple syrup, or jelly. If it is served with a meal, it is usually mixed in with a breakfast dish like eggs or hash browns, or placed on bread to make a sandwich.

Although scrapple itself isn’t that bad for you, if you eat it with one of the aforementioned condiments, you are definitely adding lots of sugar to the dish. This means that the calories you may have saved choosing scrapple over bacon are still consumed when you drench it in ketchup or syrup.

The same goes if it is served on bread. While there are many healthy bread options out there, the minute you place scrapple on a white or French style slice of bread, you add to the dish’s calorie and sugar content. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat scrapple with bread; you just need to choose the type of bread you eat it with wisely.

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you are a scrapple fan, there is no reason not to enjoy this meat with your breakfast on occasion. After all, it is healthier than most other breakfast meats! But, keep in mind that it is still a pork product, and therefore contains many of the same ingredients that make pork a poor choice in the first place.

As long as you take all of these things into consideration and watch how you serve scrapple, it can be a great addition to any breakfast dish. So next time you are at the store, skip the bacon and grab yourself some scrapple! 

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