Is Rosé Wine for Ladies Only?

Rosé wine is a popular choice for ladies’ night and with good reason. This pink drink is refreshing, tart, and perfect for warm summer nights. But is Rosé a drink that’s just for the ladies?

Rosé is a wine varietal that is equally enjoyed by both men and women, especially as a casual drink for warmer weather. While there is some social stigma in public settings about men drinking “girly drinks,” there’s no good reason men can’t have a glass of Rosé if they like the taste of it.

Rosé wine might be associated with ladies and female-oriented social gatherings, but it’s quickly gaining popularity among self-confident men too. Read on to learn more about the social stigma of men drinking Rosé and why it should be ignored.

Rose wine

Rosé Wine Isn’t Just for Ladies

Many guys wouldn’t order a magnum of Rosé at a bar if they had a literal magnum to their head. However, this gendered stigma against Rosé wine doesn’t make much sense historically.

Rosé wine has been produced in central Europe for hundreds of years and has been enjoyed by both men and women the entire time it has been in production.

There are two simple reasons that Rosé wine is associated with women:

  • Women are more likely to choose wine over beer for a social gathering. Because women and wine are depicted as linked in popular media and fiction, many women may choose to drink wine or other sweetened liquors at an all-girl gathering. In contrast, men tend to choose beer and hard liquors like whiskey. 
  • Rosé is pink. Men are conditioned from a young age that pink is associated with women, and blue is associated with men. This association is completely arbitrary. In reality, there’s no rational reason why women can’t enjoy blue things and men can’t enjoy pink things.

Luckily, more and more men are shunning the stigma against drinking Rosé in the modern age, and with good reason. Grocery store white zinfandel is no longer the default Rosé thanks to a rising number of high-quality Rosé varieties available on the market.

Consumers also have an increased awareness of the range of wines being made, so they know their options.

Why Is Rosé Wine Seen as a Lady’s Drink?

Rosé and other pink wines like blush are associated with women’s gatherings because they are a popular choice as far as alcoholic beverages go for a casual home party.

Here are a few reasons why Rosé tends to be a popular pick with the ladies:

  • It is easy to find. Run-of-the-mill Rosé wine is available in most corner stores or groceries, so picking some up on the spur of the moment isn’t an inconvenience. Women may be more inclined to pick some up on a grocery store trip to get other things.
  • It’s a compromise between red and wine. If you’re only planning on serving one type of wine, choosing a red will alienate white wine drinkers and vice versa if you choose a white wine. Choosing a Rosé gives you a wine with a balanced drink for both palates.
  • It’s a good wine for people who don’t like wine. While the tannins in red wine and the astringent notes of a dry chardonnay may turn off some people, Rosé wines tend to have a tart, fruity flavor, which is less of an acquired taste. 

Despite the popular cultural associations between “girl night” and Rosé wine, more and more men are choosing what were once seen as traditionally feminine drinks, while women are embracing their masculine side by trying beer flights and whiskey tours. (Source: Vice)

When it comes to Rosé, it’s an equal opportunity game. The demographic for Rosé drinkers does skew young and female. Still, these demographics are rapidly changing as men learn to cast off misogynistic ideas of what does and doesn’t constitute a “girly drink.”

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Why Would Guys Want to Drink Rosé?

So we’ve established there’s no good reason why guys can’t enjoy a delicious glass of Rosé. So why would guys want to hop on the Rosé bandwagon? There are several reasons why men and women might want to give Rosé a shot if they haven’t tried much of it in the past. Here are some of the advantages of drinking Rosé:

  • Light flavor, high alcohol content: If you’re looking for a drink that hits hard but doesn’t taste like gasoline, Rosé is a good option since it has a 12% ABV (alcohol by volume). This wine tastes good year-round and is smooth enough that you can catch a good buzz drinking it without resorting to harder liquors.
  • Great for gourmands: Rosé is renowned for its ability to pair well with a wide range of different food types. Some popular pairings include pasta, seafood, sushi, and roast lamb. However, because it is such a balanced flavor, Rosé tastes good alongside pretty much any protein, vegetable, or starch.
  • It’s an everyday wine: Rosé wines are designed to be consumed right away rather than cellared, so you won’t have to wait for your wine to age before you can enjoy it.
  • It’s a good wine for brunch: Brunch isn’t just for the ladies. Serve Rosé at your next hangover recovery morning with the boys for some Rosé and eggs for the perfect hair of the dog after a night of heavier drinking. Good news – Rosé pairs well with rich meats like bacon, too.
  • It won’t break the bank. Rosé wines are affordable since they’re meant to be casual, everyday wines. If you’re looking to add a little alcohol to your next gathering without spending hundreds of dollars on hard liquor, Rosé is a good choice. It also mixes well for wine spritzers and other light cocktails.

No matter which way you pour it, the benefits of choosing Rosé outweigh any potential ribbing you might get from somebody for picking it.

Rosé Is the New Bro-se

While Rosé may still be considered a somewhat eccentric choice for men unless they’re choosing the same wine as their date to be agreeable, deciding to drink it anyway regardless of how other people perceive it can be seen as a gesture of strong self-confidence.

This kind of effortless self-confidence is an attractive trait in both men and women.

There’s something to be said for some conformity, but not when it comes to curating your personal tastes. If you enjoy Rosé, then own your enjoyment and pour yourself a glass!

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