Many pests can invade your pantry. Some of the most common (and most difficult to control, too) are weevils. Because they are small and have sharp jaws, weevils can easily sneak into plastic and cardboard packaging. The good news is that you can transfer various pantry items to weevil-proof containers to keep them out of harm’s way.

Weevil-proof containers come aplenty. The Shazo Containers are the best in value with each container under $2. The best for rice is the TBMax Rice Storage and Dispenser. The best for the kitchen counter is the SilverOnyx Stainless Steel. For large containers go with Chef’ Path Food Storage.

There is a weevil-proof container available for just about anything that you wish to protect from weevils — from flour, pasta to dry pet food. The majority of them are also stackable to save space and make organizing your pantry trouble-free. Some are not only functional but eye-catching, too, making them perfect for kitchen applications.

Keep on reading if you want to get rid of weevils for good. Below, we will discuss 10 of the best weevil-proof containers that you can get your hands on to protect your various pantry items from being munched on by weevils.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 of the best weevil-proof containers…

Barnyard Shop Stainless Steel Farmhouse Containers

Many airtight containers are too boring to be placed where they can be easily seen, such as on countertops and shelves. If it’s important for you to fend off weevils, keep food items fresh and make your kitchen or pantry look fantastic, too, consider getting your hands on the Barnyard Shop Stainless Steel Rustic Farmhouse Containers.

A purchase includes four stainless steel containers. Each container has a vintage countryside look that can add a dash of character to both traditional and modern interiors.

Refrain from assuming that the Barnyard Shop Stainless Steel Rustic Farmhouse Containers are like other stainless steel containers that cannot fully keep pests and the elements away. They may look old-fashioned alright. However, these pantry pest-proof containers employ modern-day food storage wonders: lids with airtight silicone seals.

The four stainless steel containers come in different sizes. The biggest is 11.25 inches in height, and the smallest is 7.75 inches in height. And by the way, these decorative airtight containers are nesting. Needless to say, they help you save plenty of precious space when they’re not in use.

Best for: Creating a rustic look


  • Nesting
  • Resistant to rust and tarnish
  • Pleasing to the eyes


  • Non-stackable
  • Labeled for tea, coffee, sugar, and flour
  • Hand wash only

SilverOnyx 4-Piece Stainless Steel Containers

If you want airtight containers that look elegant and won’t go out of style, it’s a wonderful idea to go for the SilverOnyx 4-Piece Stainless Steel Containers. There are a couple of reasons why they are simply beautiful. First, the included containers are out of gleaming stainless steel. Second, the lids are out of tempered glass.

Helping to keep their contents fresh and weevils and other pesky pests at bay is the silicone gasket installed in each chic-looking lid. And because they’re made from tempered glass, they are resistant to heat and impact, too.

What’s so nice about the SilverOnyx 4-Piece Stainless Steel Containers is that they look plain without being boring. In fact, it’s their plainness that makes them both functional airtight food storage containers and decorative kitchen pieces. Definitely, you will want to display them in your kitchen than stash them in your pantry.

A purchase includes a 20-millimeter serving spoon that helps simplify transferring dry food items to and fro the beautiful airtight containers. The included scoop is also out of stainless steel silver, just like the containers, which makes it long-lasting and a delight to display, too!

Best for: Use on a kitchen countertop


  • Elegant and timeless
  • Durable and rustproof
  • Varying sizes


  • Non-stackable
  • May look too plain for some
  • Only one scoop included

Vtopmart 12-Piece Airtight Containers

Sometimes, using airtight containers in different sizes can make the pantry look kind of cluttered instead of neat and organized. If you are one of those homeowners who prefer to protect their dry food products from the elements and pests using similar-sized containers, check out the Vtopmart 12-Piece Airtight Containers.

A purchase includes 12 airtight containers. Each one of them measures 6 inches (length) x 4.4 inches (width) x 6.5 inches (height). The containers can be placed on top of each other, thus saving available horizontal space.

When it comes to plastic containers for storing food items, BPA-free is the gold standard. BPA stands for bisphenol A, which is an industrial chemical used for making plastics since the 1960s. The problem with BPA is that, according to health experts, is that it can act as a hormone. Also, it can disrupt the production and function of normal hormones.

The good news is that the Vtopmart 12-Piece Airtight Containers do not contain BPA. Needless to say, using them to protect your pantry foods from weevils will not put your health in grave danger.

These airtight containers make organizing and weevil-proofing your pantry and kitchen easy, thanks to the easy-to-open lids that create a tight fit. They also ship with 24 reusable chalkboard labels and a marker for trouble-free labeling. Although dishwasher-safe, the maker recommends having the lids washed by hands only.

Best for: Storing small amounts of different foods


  • Available in blue, yellow and black lids
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Microwave- and freezer-safe


  • Small
  • Plain-looking
  • May be prone to tipping over

Shazo 28-Piece Airtight Food Storage Containers

If weevils are feasting on multiple pantry food items all at once, consider ordering the Shazo 28-Piece Airtight Food Storage Containers. As the name suggests, it allows you to weevil-proof up to 28 food products at the same time.

There are many things about these BPA-free plastic containers that make them some of the best storage solutions for any homeowner who is being bugged by weevils and other common household pests. For instance, they are microwave-, refrigerator- and freezer-safe. These airtight containers are also dishwasher-safe (top rack only).

Stackable on top of one another, the Shazo 28-Piece Airtight Food Storage Containers come in different sizes. The largest has a capacity of 84.5 ounces. On the other hand, the smallest has a capacity of 16.9 ounces. Because the containers have the same lengths and widths, the airtight lids can be interchanged!

Speaking of which, the lids have dual openings. One is for pouring, and the other is for sprinkling. Without the lids, the containers can nest, which keeps them from taking up lots of space when not in use. There are also graduation marks that make it easy to measure the contents and determine when it’s time to head to the grocery store.

Best for: Stretching the budget


  • Best bang for the buck
  • Dual openings
  • Varying sizes


  • Includes lots of pieces
  • Plain-looking
  • The plastic material is kind of thin

Chef’s Path Extra Large Airtight Containers

Seasoned and occasional bakers should store their baking needs in large containers. This is to make sure that they can come up with a baked treat enough to please several family members and friends on short notice. This is when the Chef’s Path Extra Large Airtight Containers shine. They also help fend off weevils without any trouble.

Weevils love to eat and lay eggs on all sorts of pantry foods. Some of their absolute favorites are baking necessities such as flour and sugar. The Chef’s Path Extra Large Airtight Containers include a total of four containers large enough to accommodate lots of your favorite baking ingredients, protecting them from weevils and the elements.

But you don’t have to love baking to get your hands on these tall, elegant and BPA-free plastic containers. They are also very good for storing breakfast cereals, crackers, uncooked pasta, popcorn kernels and others.

Weevil infiltrations and accidental spillages should be the least of your worries, and it’s for a couple of reasons.

First, the lids come installed with a silicone seal that keeps air, moisture and pests out.

Second, the lids come with a locking mechanism that helps ensure that they will remain in place no matter what.

… and third, Chefs’ Path is my favorite brand 😉

Best for: Accommodating and protecting baking supplies


  • BPA-free
  • Out of durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic
  • Locking mechanism


  • Same sizes
  • Kind of an expensive per piece
  • It May be too tall for small shelves

Sweetzer & Orange Glass Food Storage Containers

Many homeowners are terrified of using plastic containers because of the health risks involved. Even BPA-free ones that are proven safe still leave some of them doubting. If you want to avoid having a mild panic attack each time you take or store something in the pantry, consider going for the Sweetzer & Orange Glass Food Storage Containers.

A purchase includes four glass containers in different sizes. The tallest measures 11 inches, and the shortest measures 3.9 inches. The lids come with silicone gaskets to protect the contents from weevils, air, odors, and moisture. And since the lids are out of bamboo, these airtight containers are elegant enough to be displayed in the kitchen.

You can stack these airtight containers on top of each other to save horizontal space. However, you should avoid doing it. That’s because they may fall and break, causing quite a mess and wastage.

If you want to do your share in saving the planet, it’s a good idea to go for the Sweetzer & Orange Glass Food Storage Containers. It’s due to the fact they are out of glass, which is a recyclable material. The lids are also made from bamboo, which is the world’s number one renewable material.

Best for: Storing pantry foods in glass containers


  • Elegant bamboo lids
  • Health risk-free glass material
  • Varying sizes


  • Breakable
  • Non-stackable
  • The tallest is hard to hand wash

Komax Biokips Airtight Pasta Storage Containers

Weevils will eat just about anything in the pantry. They will lay eggs on various dry food items, too. One of the things that adult weevils and larvae enjoy snacking on is pasta. If you love eating an assortment of pasta dishes all the time or once in a while, it’s a must that you store different types of pasta properly.

Some of the best for the job is the Komax Biokips Airtight Pasta Storage Containers. It’s because they are from a line of South Korea-made airtight containers that won the Red Dot Design Award back in 2004.

The containers are out of BPA-free and recyclable plastic that’s safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer and microwave (with the lid removed). The lids come with silicone gaskets to protect their contents not only from weevils but also from the elements. For your added peace of mind, the lids come with a lock on each side.

Just because the Komax Biokips Airtight Pasta Storage Containers are being sold as pasta storage containers doesn’t mean that they can safeguard pasta only. You can also use them to extend the shelf life and protect from pantry pests all kinds of food items. They range anywhere from cookies, brown rice, sugar to flour.

Best for: Storing all kinds of pasta


  • BPA-free
  • Four-side locking lids
  • Red Dot Design Award winner


  • Takes up lots of vertical space
  • Not large enough to hold lots of pasta
  • Lids are hard to lock at times

TBMax Technology Rice Storage and Dispenser

Rice is a staple food for over 3.5 billion people across the globe. Whether you are one of them or just want to add whole grains to your diet on a regular basis, it is a great idea to eat rice. Some of the healthiest are brown rice and wild rice. Even white rice, which is considered the least healthy, still has some nutrients.

Health-conscious individuals are not the only ones that love rice. Weevils, enjoy eating it, too. Luckily, there are airtight containers designed to protect rice from pantry pests. A best-seller is the TBMax Technology Rice Storage and Dispenser. One look, and it’s plain to see that it can make cooking and eating rice a delight.

What makes the product excellent for dispensing rice is that it has a pour spout. It gets rid of the need to remove the entire lid and compromise the contents — the container can hold nearly 4.5 pounds of rice.

The TBMax Technology Rice Storage and Dispenser also comes with a measuring cup that doubles as the airtight cover for the pour spot. Even though it makes for the perfect rice storage and dispenser, the product can accommodate other food items, too, such as breakfast cereals, whole grains and beans.

Best for: Storing and dispensing rice


  • Dual airtight lids
  • Pour spout
  • Measuring cup


  • The spout is narrow
  • Plastic material is kind of thin
  • Does not protect the contents from light

OXO Pet Food Storage

If you think that your favorite pantry foods are the only things that weevils love to feast on, think again. Your pet’s dry food and favorite treats are also in grave danger if there are weevils around!

Storing pet food in its original packaging, which is often made of paper or a thin type of plastic, is a terrible idea. That’s because weevils have sharp jaws that allow them to create holes through which they can squeeze their tiny bodies. Because of this, it’s a good idea to transfer your pet’s food to a weevil-proof airtight container right away.

An excellent storage container for dry pet food and pet treats is the OXO Pet Food Storage. Its lid comes with a silicone gasket that helps keep air and weevils and other pests out. The lid also features a push-button mechanism that removes air, thus keeping its contents fresh. It helps simplify lifting off the lid, too.

The OXO Pet Food Storage can hold up to 5.9 quarts of dog food, cat food, hamster pellets, birdseed and others. And by the way, just because it’s made for housing pet food doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for storing human food. As a matter of fact, you can buy other sizes and stack them on top of one another for a neat and clutter-free pantry.

Best for: Storing pet food and pet treats


  • Spacious
  • Push-button for an airtight seal and easy lid removal
  • Stackable (others sold separately)


  • The locking mechanism fails to lock right away
  • The push-button may break
  • May slip off the hands when full

Iris Quart Airtight Pet Food Container

Fret not if you buy pet food by the bulk, and the airtight pet storage container reviewed above isn’t large enough. That’s because there’s the Iris Quart Airtight Pet Food Container, which is capable of holding up to 33 quarts of dry pet food or pet treats. It also comes with casters, thus saving your back from ending up achy.

The product measures 16.5 inches (length) x 10.83 inches (width) x 16.88 inches (height). It has a translucent body that allows you to check the contents of the container while at the same time protects them from light.

Being BPA-free, you can rest assured that the Iris Quart Airtight Pet Food Container won’t harm your furry pal’s health. And to make sure that your pet will be eating nothing but the freshest pet food, the lid has an airtight seal and a locking mechanism to keep air, moisture and all sorts of pantry pests, such as weevils, out.

Even though it’s being marketed as an airtight storage container for pet food and pet treats, the product can also be used to store various pantry items that you usually buy in large amounts. For instance, it’s an excellent weevil-proof container for brown rice or all-purpose flour. You can also store several small packages of dry food items in it.

Best for: Storing lots of pet food or any other pantry item


  • Spacious
  • Locking mechanism
  • Casters for easy transport


  • Bulky
  • No compartments
  • Casters may get dislodged

Just Before You Buy Weevil-Proof Containers

Weevils are not known to carry diseases that can put your health at risk. As a matter of fact, eating them or any food contaminated with them by accident won’t harm you. Still, it’s disgusting to think that your homemade cake or lasagna is infested with weevils and their eggs.

Yes, weevils not only eat pantry foods but also lay eggs on them!

And when the eggs hatch, tiny, wriggling worm-like larvae feed on your pantry items until they become adults.

It’s because of this why you should prevent weevils from taking over your pantry and snacking on its contents. Dealing with them is not the easiest because they are small and difficult to see, except when they are infesting light-colored foods. Transferring stored foods and even newly bought grocery store items in airtight containers is a must.

Yes, weevils can infest items at your favorite grocery store, especially those that come in plastic and cardboard packaging. Weevils can easily gnaw their way in or, in some instances, squeeze through tight openings.

Storing grocery items and infested pantry items in the freezer for at least four days will kill weevils, adults and larvae alike. To keep them from being attacked by weevils all over again, it’s a good idea to transfer them to airtight containers. The good news is that there are many options out there!

Weevil-proof containers are also spider beetle-, pharaoh ant- and pantry moth-proof containers. Other than safeguarding pantry foods, airtight containers also help extend their shelf life by shielding them from air and moisture.

Not all airtight containers out there are effective for keeping pantry foods off-limits to pests. Some of them may not be able to fully protect their contents from weevils and the elements, too.

When shopping for weevil-proof containers, take your time.

Make sure that you check out the features and customer reviews. Also, take into account your design preferences, budget, pantry size, and the food items you wish to safeguard from weevils. Choosing the wrong airtight containers may keep you from putting the infestation to an end.

Above, we talked about 10 of the top-selling weevil-proof containers in the market. Because they’re some of the best, you can save yourself from having to scour the entire web just to come across the right containers to get, enabling you to protect your various pantry and kitchen items from weevils right away.

And if you still can’t decide which one is the best go with Chef’s Path Airtight Extra Large Food Storage Containers.