was a blog headed by Chloe Deppen. On March 10, 2022, Kitchenatthestore’s site was merged into

The content from Kitchenatthestore has been archived here on this site.

What did Kitchen at the store do?

Kitchenatthestore was a blog specialized in the food and kitchen appliances niche. Since 2010, Kitchenatthestore’s owner, Chloe Deppen, wrote about her passion, i.e. food and cooking.

What does Food Wine do?

Since 1996, the owners of wrote about anything related to food and wine: guides, reviews, recipes, etc. The owner of KitchenAtTheStore contacted this site and offered to merge the content to better serve the readers of both blogs.

The synergy between two food blogs, FoodWine and KitchenAtTheStore resulted in a successful merger.

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