What People Eat in Korea


Kimchi—pickled vegetables

Namul—generic term for seasoned vegetables or salads

Guk or Tang—soup or stew


Chongol—one-pot stew

Pajon—scallion pancakes

Pulkogi—barbecued marinated beef strips

Kalbi-jim—Soy sauce braised beef short ribs

Mandoo—steamed dumplings stuffed with meats and vegetables

Sae u jun—fried tempura-battered shrimp

Samgyae tang—chicken stuffed with rice and ginseng

Chapchae—thin noodles with matchstick pork and vegetables in savory sauce

Kochojon—stuffed chile peppers, battered and fried

Saengsongui—barbecued whole fish

Tubu—tofu, bean curd

Yakkwa—little honey cakes

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