Top 12 Glass Sets for Blush Wine

If you genuinely like wine (and if you’re reading this, the odds are you probably do), you’re probably the person who cringes when served wine in a champagne glass.

You might as well be aware that wine tastes best when served in the correct glass since each piece of glassware is designed to enhance the qualities of a specific wine.

Therefore, allow us to offer you an insightful guide on the type of glasses used to enjoy blush wine.

What is Considered as Blush Wine?

First, let us get this clear: Rosé or blush is not created by combining red and white wine—this is a pervasive myth due to the wine’s light-pink hue. As with red wine, winemakers produce rosé by juicing red grapes and allowing the juice to rest in the grape skins for a few hours.

Blush wine (aka rosé) is a vino with a pink color that comes in two French varieties: Vin Gris and Saignee.

The peels are excluded once the distinct rose color is noticeable. This process has been ingrained in the Provence area of France, which produces some of the world’s most delicate rosé.

blush wine glass

Types of Blush Wine

Vin Gris is made by skinning, softly pressing, and fermenting the grapes. Red wine grapes are softly crushed, and the juice is fermented (minus peels) in the same way as white wine.

As a result, the wine is extremely pale in color, nearly greyish in tint, with exquisite fruity flavors.

For Saignee, the producers macerate the red-skinned grapes with the skins intact until the wine attains its pinkish hue. A part of the juice is then “bled off” with the skins, which become blush wine.

Extra info — the remaining extract that stays in contact with the skin goes on to form a red wine.

Typically, sweeter blush wines are combined with drinks and go well with fresh fruit platters, pastries, and fresh cheeses.

Best Glasses for Blush Wine

It wasn’t until recently that manufacturers began producing blush-specific glasses. A blush wine glass must have a diamond-shaped front that speeds up the dissipation of alcohol, intensifying the aromas.

You must never serve wine in a Prosecco or champagne glass. The perfect serving will vary according to the blush wine’s age, taste, and quality, so we’ve compiled a list of the most delicate blush wine glasses.

1. The Spiegelau Blush Set

First, let us appease the wine enthusiasts on the hunt for the most delicate blush wine glasses.

We adore this pair of Spiegelau crystal wine glasses because they are designed explicitly for rosé, with the broadest section of the glass resting in the bowl’s bottom center rather than on the base.

This permits the wine to open up without settling and propels the wine scents to the glass’s rim.

Manufactured in Germany from lead-free crystal, these opulent glasses are remarkably minimalist and dishwasher friendly. Each carries up to 18 ounces easily, making them ideal for a conventional — or a liberal — pour.

2. Chef’s Star Rose Tumblers

Although some may dispute that the perfect glass for rosé wine does not always include a stem, the stem in a wine glass distances your palms from the glass to prevent the wine from heating up.

You can still enjoy your blush via tumblers, and going stemless will increase the longevity of your glasses in the long run.

For instance, this Chef’s Star Rose set is a straightforward yet gorgeous way of serving any seasonal blush wine. The glasses resemble the earlier Spiegelau glassware minus the stem and include the same distinctive shape to swirl your favorite wine.

Each enormous wine glass is contoured to fit precisely in your palm and deep enough to sip from without continuously getting up for refills.

They’re presently being sold at a discounted price coupled with a five-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

3. Koisun Wine Glasses

Finding a good set of universal tumblers is nothing short of a miracle, so we keep relying on our Koisun glasses.

You’ll be ready for whatever wine your family brings home, whether it’s a dry Riesling, an aromatic Cabernet Sauvignon, or a bright blush.

Each set includes four dishwasher-safe glassware that the experts meticulously crafted at Koisun, who established a universal design for broad wine tasting.

The bowl’s design promotes oxygenation, and the glasses have maintained a perfect four-star score in Amazon for a while.

4. Libbey Classic Wine Glass

If you’re searching for a couple of event glasses or a way to decorate your apartment rapidly, these glasses are an excellent price.

While the world of “Big Glass” frequently offers larger sets at comparable prices, these traditional wine glasses are crafted using relatively thicker glass for increased longevity, are dishwasher safe, and have one of the top scores on Amazon.

As a result, the pricing is unmatched, and despite the somewhat smaller serving size, these wine glasses perform exceptionally well with young blush wines due to the tapering bowl.

5. Riedel Extreme Wine Glasses

There is no doubt that Riedel is one of the veterans in the wine glass industry. They have been known to mainly specialize in the rosé genre, as their set of two blush wine glasses is the culmination of four years of collaboration with sommeliers and winemakers.

The outcome is a glass that elevates the pink beverage and the drinking experience—a long leap compared to drinking from a plastic cup. Riedel suggests it for tart, dry rosés to tone down the fruitiness and emphasize the wine’s acidity.

Additionally, these glasses, like all Riedel glasses, are dishwashing friendly.

6. Mark Thomas Wine Glasses

Sparkling rosé is ubiquitous nowadays, yet many people struggle to locate the best rosé glasses. To truly appreciate these fruit-forward, salt- or mineral-laced wines, you’ll want to select a broad drink to retain the wine’s effervescence.

As a result, we prefer these special Mark Thomas glasses, which easily hold up to ten ounces.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mark Thomas, hear us out. The glassware department crafts lead-free crystal glassware using traditional European processes.

Each package will amaze even the most discerning wine enthusiast and serve as an exquisite present for your near and dear ones.

Therefore, the next time someone mocks your pink sparkler, offer them a glass of wine in the Mark Thomas glasses and let your glassware speak for itself.

7. Schott Zwiesel Wine Glasses

The majority of blush is young due to the wine’s seasonal nature. Manufacturers offer rosés created with the season’s initial grapes as soon as the weather begins to warm.

The objective of these wines is to create something vibrant, fruity, and refreshing with a reasonable degree of acidity and pleasant tannins. To properly respect the younger forms of these wines, you’ll want to select the most delicate wine glasses for your blush wines.

We adore this set because the flaring lip directs the wine directly to the tip of your tongue, which has the most receptive taste buds to sweetness. This aids in the concentration of the rosé’s flavors and mitigates the sharpness of the bright acid.

Additionally, Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are made of highly durable crystal and have effervescent spots engraved into the glass’s bottom to prolong the duration of any bubbling.

In sum, they are among one of the most excellent blush wine glasses available, and they’re a steal deal at this price.

8. Lilly’s Homesite Wine Party Glasses

When it comes to throwing the perfect dinner party, everyone has their own rules. Be it a small gathering or a large steak dinner; these glasses are ideal for bringing the evening together.

Made of shatterproof plastic and available in many vibrant hues, Lilly’s Homesite glasses brighten up any blush wine and can help you re-live that special bottle you keep returning to.

While the debates over clear vs. colored glasses continue, genuine wine lovers know that the color of your glass does not influence the quality of your drink. Instead, it’s a simple method of rejuvenating how you serve wine.

9. Schott Zwiesel Air Soft-Bodied Wine Glass

Every host is aware that certain events need prior planning. When these occasions arise, you’ll want to ensure that you have the appropriate glasses on hand since serving blush wine in a Cabernet glass seems funny.

Rather than that, consider this Schott Zwiesel glassware, made exclusively for light-bodied wines and is therefore ideal for drinking rosé.

Each glass is crafted from the brand’s proprietary Tritan Crystal and reinforced with Titanium and Zirconium for added strength. The wide tall bowl provides ample space for your visitors to swirl even the most liberal pour, and each scent will funnel directly into the tapering glass’s top.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an additional touch of luxury, this is the ideal rosé tumbler.

10. Riedel Vinum Extreme

Riedel Vinum Extreme is the perfect blush wine glass created so that you can enjoy your favorite beverage with its nuances kept intact. Its large form and tapering rim are ideal for swirling just before taking a drink.

The 11.5-ounce volume provides ample space for taste testing without leaking down both sides! The brand guarantees its longevity, thanks to its machine-blown crystal glass.

The best part is that it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe, allowing you to enjoy your blush wine at any point in time without any headache.

11. Twine Rose White Wine Glasses

These glasses are genuinely one-of-a-kind. You may use these glasses to transform any white wine into red wine with a lovely pink color. Additionally, they emit a warm golden shine ideal for presenting at gatherings or public areas.

Purchase one glass if you’re organizing a small celebration or twelve if you want to impress your guests with your vibrant sense of styling. These lead-free crystal glasses are crafted with sophisticated elegance, ensuring that they will never go out of style!

Twine Rose White Wine Glasses can brighten up any dull moment in the twenty-first century home, restaurant, home bar, or tavern carts!

12. Phynx Phyr Wine Glasses

This brand is remarkable in that it has built a distinct section of the market for pink wine glasses. Finished with a customized touch, this piece commits itself to be a timeless treasure.

With a single graceful stroke, you can sense the craftsmanship: love and care combined with the perfect amount of ‘you only live once.

Phnx Phyr Handmade Crystal Rose Gold Wine Glasses are one-of-a-kind, exquisite, and meticulously crafted.

This set includes three distinct wine glasses crafted from high-quality crystal glass, allowing you to enjoy your private symphony in home comfort.

These glasses are ideal for any occasion and are suitable for presenting as a gift or keeping for yourself!

Stemmed vs. Non-Stemmed Glasses

Decide if you want stems on your rose wine glasses. The advantage of a branch is that it makes the glass simpler to grip while passing them around or relocating them to a cabinet after washing.

Nevertheless, detaching the stem from glasses might be a chore if your cabinets have stemware shelves. If possible, seek to find glasses with broad bases that seem balanced even when the stems are removed.

Consider which alternatives feel comfortable before making purchases, as not all stem glasses offered will fit your current stemware shelf!

Consider Design and Features

Blush wine glasses’ design may also incorporate distinctive characteristics such as carvings, engravings, and under-stem lights.

Engravings may add a beautiful touch to rose wine glasses since they provide a personalized feel to the glasses when given as a present. Etchings impart various textures to the glass’s surface, which helps improve grip and prevent condensation.

The Takeaway

Every blush wine glass is different from the other, and the one you would prefer to buy is always going to depend on your choices.

Hopefully, you will be able to decide better after going through this article.

Happy Sipping, folks!

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