20 Fun Foods to Make With Friends

It is said that too many cooks spoil the broth. But inviting some friends over and joining forces in order to whip up a delectable masterpiece or two validates the adage “the more the merrier”.

Sharing a meal together is a wonderful way for you and your amigos to catch up on each other’s lives and talk about plans for the future. But why start chatting and bonding only when there’s food already on the table when everyone can have a heart-to-heart while still preparing meals?

But don’t just make any meal with your buddies — opt for something that’s a lot of fun to make!

On the hunt for some ideas on fun food to make with friends? Look no further! In this post, you will come across 20 meals that you and your besties can make in your kitchen. All of the delicious suggestions below are so easy to make that everyone will surely have a blast not only preparing them but also savoring them afterward.

pizza with friends


Did you know that there’s practically an infinite number of pizza toppings out there? Because of this, you can rest assured that there is a topping every member of the gang would love. No matter if some of your buddies are strict vegans while others are certified meat lovers, making pizza can bring everyone together.

Besides the toppings, there are also tons of pizza sauces to choose from — from the ever-popular red sauce to pesto sauce, from the classic Alfredo sauce to a surprising barbecue sauce.

While you can always count on store-bought pizza crust, making pizza crust from scratch is always a possibility. And as everyone waits for the pizza to bake in the oven, a bottle of wine can be shared for a job well done!


There is no doubt that your squad will have a fantastic time in the kitchen making salad if each one is health- or figure-conscious. And since there’s a wide variety of raw greens to choose from, the fun begins with figuring out which ingredients you should grab at the supermarket or who will bring which healthy and nutritious veggie.

Making a salad requires a lot of washing, peeling, tearing and chopping, which means that everyone can be busy with a task while sharing hopes and dreams and even frustrations and fears.

Deciding which dressing to go for and making the top choice, too, can add to the enjoyment of all.

Shish Kebab

Got at least three hours before your best buds get to your doorstep? Then consider marinating some lamb or beef chops in soy sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, honey, Worcestershire sauce and red wine — by the time your friends arrive, everybody can immediately start skewering the steak for a shish kebab feast like no other!

Other than choosing between lamb and beef, your best buds can also help you decide which veggies to add — just about anything that can hold its shape is a great choice, ranging from bell peppers, tomatoes to mushrooms.

And while some of your friends are busy grilling, the rest can join forces in preparing side dishes that go really well with shish kebab. Some wonderful examples include lemon rice, corn pudding and potato salad.

kebab party

Fruit Skewers

It’s not just meat that you and your friends can put on skewers but also fruit bits. Making fruit skewers is an enjoyable task no matter if the group wants to enjoy a healthy and delicious appetizer or dessert or some of your chums steer clear of meat in order to trim the waistline, keep the heart out of harm’s way or stick to a vegetarian diet.

The fun begins with choosing which fruits to buy, wash, peel, slice and skewer.

What’s really nice about making fruit skewers as a group activity is that everyone can flex their creativity — the fruits can be cut into all sorts of shapes or arranged according to color. And if everyone is a self-confessed chocoholic, it’s always possible to drizzle fruit skewers with chocolate syrup or serve them with chocolate fondue!

Spring Rolls

Some of the most popular foods on the face of the planet are spring rolls. That’s because they are so versatile — spring rolls can be enjoyed as appetizers or the main course, plus you can roll just about anything you want in it.

And then there’s also the fact that you and your friends can choose from an assortment of spring roll dipping sauces. Some of the most popular picks include peanut sauce, Vietnamese sauce, hoisin sauce, sweet and spicy sauce and yum-yum sauce. With so many stuffing and dipping sauces to choose from, the possibilities are endless!

Thanks to their shape, spring rolls, which originate from China, are so easy and convenient to eat. But did you know that the shape of spring rolls is thought to symbolize wealth, which allows for attracting money and prosperity?

cooking wontons


Another food that everyone in your circle can prepare together that comes from China is wonton — dumplings that are filled with all kinds of ingredients, which may include anything from meat, seafood to vegetables.

The fun begins with you and your besties deciding which kind of stuffing to go for. What’s more, everyone can help decide whether the wontons will be steamed or deep-fried. Or the entire team can unanimously choose to add them to wonton soup, which is a delight to enjoy especially during the coldest months of the year.

Similar to spring rolls, wontons also mean something: wealth and treasure as well as a good start, which is why wontons would make for superb treats to enjoy with the ones you love during New Year’s Eve.


Here’s another fun food to make with friends that’s also from an Asian nation: sushi!

Believe it or not, despite looking intricately made, you can easily roll your own sushi at home. And with your buddies ready to lend a hand, you will find it easy to have a sushi party at the fraction of the cost of holding one at a sushi bar — plus everyone can make his or her own signature sushi by mixing and matching the ingredients.

To make making sushi in your own kitchen even more fun and memorable, allocate the different tasks to different friends, from cooking the rice, slicing the seafood ingredients to rolling the sushi themselves.


There is another culinary masterpiece from the Land of the Rising Sun that you and your pals can make and enjoy together, and it’s none other than shabu-shabu — the Japanese version of a hot pot which boasts of thinly sliced meat and veggies cooked in a pot of savory broth called “kombu dashi”.

In order to make shabu-shabu particularly nice for a bunch of friends to share, it should be consumed in the traditional fashion where the various ingredients are served raw and then cooked on the table.

Commonly, shabu-shabu is served with steamed white rice as well as at least a couple of dipping sauces — one is zesty and the other is creamy. Beverage-wise, some of those that go really well with shabu-shabu are hot green tea, hot sake, ice-cold beer, and medium- to full-bodied red wine such as Merlot, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hand Pies

Whether the majority of your friends are into arts and crafts or baking, hand pies are treats that everyone will enjoy making. Basically, hand pies are miniature pies that can fit into the hand.

Before you and your pals spring into action in the kitchen making hand pies, there is one very important step to take — deciding if the filling should be sweet or savory.

Some popular examples of sweet hand pie fillings include pears, apples, blackberries, gooseberries, bananas, dulce de leche, custard, and even chocolate chip cookies. On the other hand, some well-loved savory hand pie fillings include shredded chicken, ground beef, spiced lamb, ham and peas, vegetable ricotta, and curry.

baking pie with best friend

Whoopie Pies

You and your friends having a hard time deciding what to create for the upcoming weekend baking extravaganza? Some want cookies, while others like pies. You like cake, but someone else prefers muffins.

Well, there’s no need to fight because there’s a decadent treat that can fulfill everyone’s desire: a whoopie pie!

Simply put, a whoopie pie consists of two cookies that closely resemble cakes that are sandwiching a rich and creamy frosting-like filling. A very nice thing about whoopie pies is that they are fun to make, especially because there are lots and lots of fillings to choose from. Of course, another nice thing about whoopie pies is that they are absolutely delish!

Energy Balls

Some friends love spending their time together scrapbooking, while others prefer watching movies. And then there are also those that hit the gym or partake in high-energy activities such as surfing, trekking and bicycling together. And if you and your compadres love being active, everyone will surely love making energy balls in the kitchen.

As the name suggests, energy balls, which are also sometimes called “power balls” or “energy bites”, can replace depleted energy as well as provide the body with healthy fats, good carbs, protein and fiber.

Online, you can come across all sorts of recipes for energy balls — some require some baking, while others are no-bake. In any case, making DIY energy balls with your friends before heading into the great outdoors allows everyone to pack some healthy snacks as well as polish the day’s itinerary.


Traditionally, tacos are filled with meat (chicken, beef or pork), diced tomatoes, lettuce and shredded cheese. These days, however, you can fill tacos with practically anything that makes your mouth fill with saliva.

It’s exactly for this reason why your squad will surely have a blast not only assembling tacos but deciding which ingredients they want. Online, there is never a shortage of strange and unusual taco fillings you and your best buds can give a try — from beer-braised short ribs, kimchi, fish and chips to battered grasshoppers!

Besides tortillas, everyone can also try to use all kinds of non-traditional taco shells. Some phenomenal examples include lettuce, seaweed, pita bread, pancakes and even chocolate shells!

eating tacos with friends


A couple of reasons exist why making burritos make for a wonderful bonding time for friends who are occasional cooks or certified foodies. First, burritos can be stuffed in a way that they easily become complete meals. Steamed or boiled rice, seasoned or fresh vegetables, shredded, pulled or ground meat — you name it, you can put it in a burrito!

Nothing can be more fun than your friends bringing ingredients from certain food groups and mixing and matching them for each one of you to come up with burritos reflecting each one’s taste and personality.

Second, because burritos are Mexican in origin, there is no doubt that enjoying them with beer or margaritas or just about any cocktail with gin or tequila is the way to go.

Stuffed Potatoes

Potatoes are baked, the flesh is removed, the flesh is mixed with cheese, sour cream, bacon or other rich and savory ingredients, the mixture is piped back into the potato skins, the stuffed potato skins are baked once again until golden and puffy — that’s how complicated it is to make stuffed potatoes.

As a result of this, they can be some of the most challenging gastronomic gems that you and your friends can make together. In this particular situation, the availability of many to lend a hand is definitely a huge advantage.

Nobody has to end up doing nothing if everybody decides to enjoy stuffed potatoes with food that goes well with them. Some of the choices include southern coleslaw, smoked pork roast, pan-seared steak and BBQ meatloaf!

Holiday Cookies

Is it that time of the year when the days are shorter and the nights are longer? Then nothing can be more fun to make than those eye-catching and mouth-watering holiday cookies!

Well, holiday cookies are just sugar cookies or biscuits. However, they are cut into various shapes and decorated in a way that makes them associated with Christmas. And, more importantly, holiday cookies are commonly flavored based on family traditions or individual preferences for the merry wintertime.

fun cooking with best friends

Each of your friends can showcase their best baking talents and skills — while some can make sure that the dough is the perfect taste and consistency, the rest can see to it that everyone gets to enjoy the most beautiful holiday cookies. Meanwhile, those who have no baking prowess whatsoever can simply provide the laughter and cheers.

Gingerbread House

Refrain from assuming that just because none of your friends are very good at baking means that making a gingerbread house should be crossed out of the bucket list. With the right recipe and tools as well as learning some basic techniques, it’s possible for the entire group to be able to come up with a breathtaking gingerbread house!

Is someone among your pals having a housewarming party? Then invite some of your friends to come over to help you create the perfect gift: a gingerbread house resembling his or her new abode.

What’s so nice about a gingerbread house is that, despite being a traditional Christmas treat, you and your friends can make it at any given time of the year — just decorate it without the snow, twinkle lights and other Christmas-y elements.

Inside-Out Pancakes

Basically, inside-out pancakes are inspired by a sweet-tasting South Korean street food called “hotteok”. But there’s no need for you and your friends to hop on a plane in order to be able to enjoy it — all you have to do is grab the various ingredients and tools, and let your friends get in on the action.

You can use instant pancake mix or make pancake batter from scratch when making inside-out pancakes.

What makes inside-out pancakes different from your average pancakes is that you can enjoy them without syrup. That’s because they are already sweet and delicious, thanks to the brown sugar and cinnamon powder added to them. Online, you can easily come across quick and easy inside-out pancake recipes.

friends preparing veggie stir fry

Stir-Fry Vegetables

Making stir-fry vegetables is not only perfect if your friends mostly eat healthy and nutritious veggies. It’s also the perfect food to make if you and your confidants haven’t seen each other for a long time and there are lots of catching up to do. That’s because there’s plenty of washing, peeling, dicing and slicing that need to be done.

One of the nicest things about stir-fry vegetables is that you can enjoy them in many different ways — and that is by simply pairing them with something that can bring out the best in them.

Noodles, ramen, soup, steamed rice, fried rice — these and more pair very well with stir-fry vegetables!

Chinese Fried Rice

Speaking of fried rice, there is a type of it that the entire crew can enjoy on its own, and it’s none other than Chinese fried rice, which is made hearty by the presence of chopped up meat, seafood and vegetables.

The nicest thing about Chinese fried rice is that you can add just about any protein and veggie of your liking to it — beef, chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp, scallops, carrots, beans, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, green onions, etc. But don’t forget the rice — most of those who are fond of making Chinese fried rice prefer using medium-grain rice.

While you and some of your friends are busy preparing Chinese fried rice, the rest can get busy looking for superb side dish recipes on the web that they can prepare in a snap.


You and your pals can cook rice in an entirely different way — the Italian way!

Simply put, risotto is Italy’s rice version of mac and cheese. Needless to say, it’s rich and creamy, but in place of macaroni is boiled rice. As a matter of fact, when cooking risotto, rice has to be boiled very slowly in a small amount of liquid, which is typically chicken stock. This makes the rice grains al dente and the sauce rich and velvety.

While it’s always possible to opt for traditional risotto that is practically barebones, your circle of friends may also try adding poached eggs, sausage, chicken breast, shrimp, scallops and others for a more unforgettable banquet!

Everyone knows that eating out is one of the most fun and exciting pursuits among friends. But not a lot of besties have discovered the joys of preparing and, ultimately, sharing a meal together.

Above are 20 meals that you and your friends will surely have a phenomenal time preparing together — and ultimately enjoying as a group. With many of them easy to make and highly customizable, the entire gang will surely have a splendid feast that everyone will talk about for many, many years to come!

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