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Get festive! From appetizers to desserts, the following recipes will make your holiday table as jolly as a ride in Santa's sleigh.

Holiday Gifts

Immediately below are recipes from our classic Global Holiday Pageant. We've also got popular Holiday Cookbooks, links to Holiday Ideas, a New Year's Eve Celebration party, holiday sweets from I Love Desserts, and everybody's favorite, Making a Turkey. You can also find specific recipes by using our Search page.


Global Holiday Pageant


Kate's Global Kitchen for the Holidays

Gift Wrap Tips

For holiday gift ideas, visit our FoodWine Shopping page.


Holiday Gift Guide 2010—Part I
Holiday Gift Guide 2010—Part II

2009 Holiday Gifts, Part I
2009 Holiday Gifts, Part II

Kate's Gift Ideas 2008
More Holiday Gifts—Green, Practical, and Tasty!

Kate's Gift Reviews 2007
Holiday Gift Guide 2007
Gifts, Appetizers, and the Pacific Northwest
Food Lover's Holiday Gift Guide 2006: Part One
Food Lover's Holiday Gift Guide 2006: Part Two
More Gifts for Holiday Pleasures

Virgin Cocktails and Virile Libations
Holiday Light: Veggie Dips 'n' Wonton Chips
Nuts to You: The Process of Toasting Nuts
Christmas Cheer For Cooks: Gift Guide 2004
Cutting Up, Cooking, and Looking Good
Wake Up, Eat Up, and Save the Leftovers!
Cook's Gadgets, Wine Tools, and "Harvesting the Dream"
Caviar Nachos, New Year Nibbles, and Trivial Tidbits

Holiday Cheer

Chocolate Cheer
Holiday Cookies
Affordable New Year Nibbles
The Elemental Crème Anglaise
A Praline Primer
Nutmeg: A Gift from Grenada
Famous Last Words:
     The Lighter Side of Food

     (includes Cozy New Year's Recipes)

Gifts to Buy...
...Gifts to Make...
...Fancy Foods to Celebrate...
...A New Year's Buffet to Do Ahead...
...Ending the Year Well Read and Fed


Holiday Cookbooks

Gifts Cooks Love


I'm Dreaming of a Chocolate Christmas


Christmas Sweets


Betty Crocker Christmas Cookbook


Happy Holidays


Williams-Sonoma Holiday Entertaining


Seriously Simple Holidays

Thanksgiving Planning Countdown


Bubby's Homemade Pies


The Complete Baking Cookbook



Recipes & Tips

Joy of Cooking


Vegan Holiday Kitchen


Fresh from the Market: Seasonal Cooking


A Baker's Field Guide to Christmas Cookies


Christmastime Treats




Holiday Ideas

Healthier Holiday Tips & Gingerbread Men Recipe

Wine & Cheese Party

Easy, Exotic Indian Buffet

Christmas Weekend Salmon Gravlax

Italian Christmas Pie (Spongata)

Kate's Virtual World Tour

Eggnog Recipes


New Year's Eve Celebration

Mr. Boston Holiday Cocktails

Full Cocktail Recipe List

Party Snacks!


I Love Desserts

Holiday Recipes:


Making a Turkey, or Need Ideas for a Big Dinner?


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