The Great Big Burger Book

by Jane Murphy and Liz Yeh Singh

Burger Book 
Americans love burgers and the Great Big Burger Book celebrates this beloved American tradition.

Americans eat more than 38 billion hamburgers annually. That's nearly three hamburgers per week, per person! In the Great Big Burger Book, co-authors, Jane Murphy and Liz Yeh Singh take burgers to a higher plain with 100 recipes for every kind of meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetarian burger imaginable, plus loads of homemade toppings, condiments, and sauces.

Murphy and Singh include everything from regional favorites like Texas-Style Beef Burgers with Pinto Beans to classics like Guiness Pub Burgers, from new inventions like Duck Burgers with Wild Rice Pancakes to internationally- inspired burgers like Tuna Shiso Burgers with Asian Salsa.

There are plenty of creations from Murphy and Singh themselves—the two first started talking about burgers while they were students together at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City—as well as guest appearance recipes from chefs, authors, and foodies around the country.

Bruce Aidells declares, "With The Great Big Burger Book I can make every kind of meat burger I could ever want and there are even first-rate recipes for poultry, fish, and meatless burgers as well. The information in the 'Burger Basics' chapter is so valuable that it alone is the worth the price of the book."


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The Great Big Burger Book
by Jane Murphy and Liz Yeh Singh
Harvard Common Press
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 1558322477
Information provided by the publisher.


The Great Big Burger Book



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