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Global Holiday Pageant

Enjoy international meals throughout the holidays...visit our Global Pageant!

Gingerbread House    

You have been invited to a festive holiday ball. Imagine yourself in a great splendid castle. Evergreen swags and colorful flags drape the hallways. Cinnamon, cloves and oranges perfume the air. As you roam from door to door, you find a richly set table waiting for you in each room. People in ornate costumes from exotic lands beckon you to join the feast, to sample their homeland's finest delicacies. You do not resist.

Savor the foods of the world in this Global Holiday Pageant—make them yourself for your own guests this year. Start with a mango-champagne cocktail and appetizers of lamb empanadas, cichetti olives and coconut chips...move on to the main course and indulge in Rangoon Roast Duck, Hot and Spicy Quail and Provençal Vegetables. Delight in the sweet tastes of Armenian Christmas Pastries or Marcel Desaulniers' "Desserts to Die For."

The Global Gourmet has something for everyone in this Global Holiday Pageant. There are tables set for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Vegetarians, Holiday Brunch, Cocktails and more—and all include international recipes for a festive worldly theme.

Join us now: Click on the links above for each table and ring in the holidays. The ball is about to begin...

Happy holidays to all our worldly friends!


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