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How to Handle the Holidays

by Traci Kaufman, R.D.


Our holidays and special events are usually filled with tradition and food, lots of food. During the holidays the bathroom scale may become a sworn enemy. The holiday parties, special dinners, and the ever-present bowls of Christmas candies and cookies can overcome even the best of us. For all of us some restraint is suggested, but for those of us who have a cholesterol or a weight problem these constant parties appear to be fraught with dangers instead of the good tidings that the season is supposed to bring.

Handle the Holidays I would like to suggest three methods to help all of us enjoy the holidays more, and lessen the temptations the season brings. Simply put, we should 1) use moderation, 2) budget our treats, and 3) strategize.

The simplest method to lower our intake of fat and calories is portion control. Instead of loading our plates, I suggest smaller portions, and saying "No thank you" to seconds. Don't confuse simple moderation with dieting, what I'm suggesting is that you enjoy but don't pig out.

We all have to budget for the luxuries of life. The concept of budgeting money is so well accepted in the financial senses. However, we never think that food can be budgeted. While memories of Aunt Irma's Pecan Pie, Grandma's Candied Sweet Potatoes or Judy's Double Fudge Layer Cake, stimulate the appetite, we're reminded that these treats tend to be high in fat and calories. What do you do? The answer is simple, take a small piece, enjoy it and realize that you have to pay for this luxury by being extra careful with your eating habits for the next couple of days. Or even better, budget for Aunt Irma's pecan pie by eating less and exercising more than we normally do several days before she visits.

To reduce fat and calories, here are a few eating strategies for holiday and dinner parties:

Obviously, if there were low fat, low cholesterol treats available you would be less tempted to eat the more traditional and less healthy foods. With this in mind I offer the following recipes:


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Traci Kaufman, Registered Dietitian, received her bachelor's degree in dietetics and nutrition from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has worked as a clinical nutritionist at UCI Medical Center-Irvine in Orange California, and served as team nutritionist for the Los Angeles Rams. Traci is an active member of the American Dietetic Association and two Dietetic Practice Groups: Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutritionist (SCAN), and Dietitians in General Clinical Practice. Traci resides in Southern California.

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