How to Find Any Store Manager Name

No matter if you are looking to get hired or get your hands on some loyal customer benefits and privileges, it’s a huge plus to know the name of the store manager. This is one crucial step to bypassing the chain of command, thus allowing you to take your concerns straight to the top. And now you might be wondering how to find the store manager’s name.

Peeking at the store manager’s name tag or asking an employee, either in person or via a phone call, is the quickest way to know his or her name. Asking around online and offline works, too. Using LinkedIn can provide not only the store manager’s name but also a way to connect with him or her.

Many steps can be taken to get to know a store’s manager name.

Taking the right one can help you get to know the much-needed name without much trouble.

After learning the store manager’s name, the only remaining thing for you to do is establish communication in the most appropriate manner possible — but that’s another story!

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Take a Snapshot to Get a Clue

From time to time, the store manager steps out of the office to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible.

It’s when this happens that you can get an idea of the store manager’s name, especially if he or she is wearing a name tag or an ID with large and bold letters.

Whether your vision is not 20/20 or a photographic memory is something that you don’t have, you may take a snapshot of the manager. Just see to it that the name tag or ID is in the frame when documenting the encounter.

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How to take someone’s photo discreetly

The best way to take someone’s photo with a phone discreetly is by doing it as quickly as possible. Use the volume button to avoid getting unnecessary attention. There is no need to take the photo very close to the subject or place the subject in the center. Zoom in to see the details afterward.

Unfortunately, in some stores, it is prohibited to take photos to protect the merchandise and the customers, too.

If there is a sign that says “no photography please”, then look for a different strategy.

Seek the Help of an Employee

In some instances, getting to know the name of the store’s manager is as simple as asking about it. The most accurate and reliable piece of information can only come from the mouth of an employee.

Approaching the sales clerk, cashier, or even security officer allows you to obtain firsthand information.

However, it is very much possible for the person that you will approach to ask what your reason is for wanting to know the name of his or her manager.

Needless to say, before you approach some, come up with a valid reason first.

When coming up with a reason, make sure that it is convincing and reasonable. If the employee senses that you might use the details he or she will provide for the wrong reasons, you may not be given the name of the manager.

Give the Store a Ring

Do you have some sort of social anxiety and feel that asking a sales clerk, cashier or security officer will only leave you looking like a private investigator with the worst investigating skills?

Worry not because there is a workaround, and it’s as simple as fishing your smartphone out of your pocket and doing it via a phone call.

However, just like when asking for the name of the store’s manager in person, it’s a must that you convince the person on the other end of the line to give you what you need, and it’s with the help of a reason that’s valid enough.

It’s completely up to you if you want to make either a white lie or a full-blown lie.

But before doing so, always keep in mind your reason for wanting to know the store manager’s name in the first place.

For instance, if you wish to apply for a job at the store, lying for the sake of knowing what you want to know can be a huge disadvantage.

Before making that call, always remember that honesty is the best policy.

Ask Around for Some Details

It is possible for the store employee that you approach, whether in person or via a phone call, to inform the manager that someone is trying to get hold of his or her name.

If you don’t want this to happen for whatever reason, then it’s a better idea to get some details from anyone without any kind of direct connection with the store’s manager.

This is when your family and friends can come to the rescue. Some of them might be familiar with the store as well as its manager. It’s like the most risk-free way to get to know the store manager’s name.

Many reasons exist why a family member or a friend of yours might know the name of the store manager. It could be due to an earlier complaint about a service or product.

It could be because of being an employee at the store before. It could also be due to being a high school or college buddies in the past with the store manager.

No matter the reason for having the information that you wish to get your hands on, one thing remains true: having someone you personally know familiar with the store manager’s name can work to your full advantage.

Harness the Power of the Web

When trying to know the name of a store’s manager, you may access the establishment’s website or visit its social media account to get the information that you wish to get your hands on.

Most business websites contain not only products or services but also the names of people playing important tasks in the day-to-day activities, such as the managers.

If the store whose manager’s name you wish to know is just a branch or franchise, then use the website’s store locator feature to learn more about it.

These days, businesses know very well that social media can help them get the exposure they need. So, needless to say, you may check out the account of the store on Facebook.

Search on LinkedIn

Currently, LinkedIn has more than 760 million users and more than 260 million users per month. Obviously, the online platform geared toward professionals can help you find the name of the store manager without the need to step foot inside the establishment.

With the right keywords, you can do a people search on LinkedIn and reap success.

How to do a people search on LinkedIn

Enter the company name and the word “manager” in the search bar. After hitting “search”, check the box next to “People”, and select the right company under “Current Company”. This will let you see people who are currently employed by the store, including the manager whose name you want to know.

Once you have come across the manager’s LinkedIn profile, it’s time to connect. If you wish to send a request to connect, it is a good idea to be polite and concise, too, no matter the reason for doing so.

The goal is for the store manager to approve your request to connect with him or her.

Just Before You Find the Manager’s Name

There are many steps on how to find store manager name that you may take.

No matter if you want to make an impression because you want to work at the establishment, or you want to get some kind of loyal customer benefits and privileges as bragging rights or to stretch your shopping budget each time, it is possible to get to know the name of the store’s manager.

Above, we talked about the different steps that you may give a try — from checking out the manager’s name tag, asking an employee or a family member or friend, logging on the web, and doing a people search on LinkedIn.

Opt for a strategy that you are comfortable with, and you will surely learn the name of that manager.

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