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In addition to native regional traditions like Viennese cuisine, Austrian food has been influenced by Hungarian, Czech, Jewish, Italian and Bavarian cuisines. Austria has one of the most transcultural cuisines in Europe.

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Austria's specialities originate from all countries of the former monarchy: Hungary, Bohemia, Italy.... They were perfected here, turned into joys for the eyes and the taste-buds. The expression of a joie de vivre that is equally to be found in a simple corner cafe or a luxury restaurant.

The food is the main thing wherever you are: Schnitzel and Tafelspitz. Kaiserschmarren and Powideltascherl. Vienna is a city of gourmets. The dishes are works of art, created by true enthusiasts. Poetic combinations of flour and sugar, like Sachertorte, Gugelhupf or Apfelstrudel. It's literally "o dolce vita" at the cake shops.

Rolled pastry filled with apple, breadcrumbs and raisins.

Roast beef with bacon.

A special Viennese cake. the ideal accompaniment to a Melange and an essential ingredient of Viennese afternoon coffee.

Kaiserschmarren (Emperor's Trifle)
A kind of desert omelet (or fluffy pancake) torn with two forks.

Light fluffy dumplings which contain seven basic ingredients: flour, potatoes, semolina, bread rolls, ricotta, cheese and yeast.

Deep fried pastries, like doughnuts.

A chocolate cake made according to a traditional recipe developed by Franz Sacher.

Prime beef from the rump boiled and garnished with horseradish and apple sauce, chive sauce, served with home-fried or roast potatoes.

Wiener Schnitzel
Veal cutlet breaded and fried.

Braised beefsteak with onions.

Stewed plums.


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