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In addition to native regional traditions like Viennese cuisine, Austrian food has been influenced by Hungarian, Czech, Jewish, Italian and Bavarian cuisines. Austria has one of the most transcultural cuisines in Europe.

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Apple Strudel (Apfelstrudel)

Ingredients, by weight (serves 10):

for the dough:

10-1/2 oz. bread flour
l/6 oz. salt
1-l/2 oz. vegetable oil
5-1/3 oz. water, lukewarm

for the filling:

4-1/2 lb. apples (Golden Delicious), sliced
5-l/3 oz. granulated sugar
1-1/2 oz. dark rum (Myers)
5-1/3 oz. raisins
1/8 tsp. ground cinnamon
2 lemons (juice and peel)

for the buttered breadcrumbs:

10-1/2 oz. butter (unsalted)
10-1/2 oz. bread crumbs

Knead flour, salt, oil and water into a medium-firm dough. Divide into 3 small round loaves, brush each loaf with melted butter and let sit for 1 hour.

Peel, core and slice apples. Mix in granulated sugar, raisins, grated lemon peel, lemon Juice, rum, cinnamon and blend together well.

Roll the dough loaves with a rolling pin, then stretch rolled dough on a strudel sheet with the backs of your hands. Coat 2/3 of dough sheet with buttered breadcrumbs, spread apple filling over remaining 1/3 of dough. Tear off edges, shape strudel into roll by lifting strudel sheet. Place strudel on a buttered baking sheet and brush with melted butter. Bake strudel for 60 to 90 minutes in a 400 degrees F to 425 degrees F oven.


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