How to Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Celebrating Dia de Los Muertos is a large part of Mexican culture. It gives them a day to celebrate the lives of loved ones that they have lost. While the holiday sounds like a gloomy day, nothing could be further from the truth. So what are some ways the people celebrate the Day of the Dead?

Celebrations take several different forms. People can choose to have the family gather or attend a large party. Others treat it like Halloween as a way to paint themselves up and get a good scare. Don’t be afraid! Read on and learn all the different ways you can celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Celebrating the Day of the Dead

Paying tribute to your lost family members and friends is a great way to show your love and affection for them years after they have passed. Treating death as a part of life and believing that we are connected forever is the main root from which Dia de Los Muertos grows. So whatever you decide, do something that is positive and is a celebration!

Day of the dead

Having a Dia de Los Muertos Party is a Great Place to Start

Parties are always an excellent idea for Day of the Dead. It gives several people a chance to celebrate together, and the guests can range from the nuclear family to neighbors or friends. Parties are also a great place for those who could be unfamiliar with the holiday. Invite some folks who could be apprehensive and watch their perspectives change.

Some ideas for a Day of the Dead party are:

  • Sugar Skull Cookies – Sugar skulls are closely associated with Dia de Los Muertos. They are brightly colored with elaborate designs and are a cinch to make. But, all you need is a roll of sugar cookie dough and several bottles of colored frosting, and you can have your guests chow on a skull while they groove at your party.
  • Create an Altar – There should be a place where all the people can come and leave a candle or picture of their loved ones. An Ofrendais a Spanish term for a floral arch, and combined with an altar; they make the perfect backdrop for a lively tribute to your loved ones.
  • Wreath Making – Making a floral or fake flower wreath is another great party activity. Remember that some people could be dealing with lots of grief. Keeping them active by building wreaths is a good way to keep their minds off things and make a personal tribute.

Parties are a great way to bring in lots of people for a Day of the Dead celebration. Those dealing with grief might find it a welcome respite to have people around who are also going through the same thing. Groups are great for grieving, and having a party with activities will make things run smoothly.

Graveside Picnics are a Noble Gesture on Day of the Dead

A great way to celebrate the dead is to have a picnic at their graveside. You can throw out a blanket and have a big lunch with your closest family and friends. Concentrate on bringing items that your dead family members enjoyed.

While a bit more intimate, the graveside picnic is a humble way to honor the missing members of your group. Don’t concentrate on the ending but think of all the wonderful times you spent together and what that time meant to your life.

Day of the Dead Parades are Great Events for Dia de Los Muertos

Massive parades are also a way to get out and celebrate. Certain places go all out and have parades full of floats and decorations. There will be crowds and lots of music and flowers. A parade is a good way to throw in a trip to the city or a nice restaurant.

The dress-up at the parades is something to be seen. They use face and body paint to recreate images of skeletons and angels. Painting themselves this way is a tribute to Catrina, a goddess who is vital to the Mexican culture’s afterlife. Getting painted up is a fantastic group idea and can lead to a fun-filled day of drinks and adventure.


Day of the Dead is a great cultural way to celebrate the lives of those you have lost. Cities across the country will have parades and events that allow you to paint yourself up and get out to show your endearing love for your family members gone too soon.

Planning events or going out of the house are all suitable ways to honor their lives. Take the time and add in things they would have enjoyed or tell stories about them that make your heart sigh. Focus on the good and leave all your blues at home, for Dia de Los Muertos is a celebration of life and death!

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