What Is Chicken Poêlé?

There are many types of food in the world and even more dishes. One of the most iconic is chicken poêlé. Although many are familiar with this mouth-watering entree, some have no idea what this dish is at all. If you are one of these people, you might wonder what chicken poêlé is.

A chicken poêlé, also known as “butter-roasting,”  is chicken prepared classically. It’s liberally basted with butter, added to a dish with Matignon, then covered and baked. The skin is typically left on, and it’s paired with aromatic vegetables. Broth steams the chicken slowly.

Read on to learn more about chicken poêlé. This dish is one that everyone should be familiar with, as it is potentially one of the most delicious items you’ll ever taste. Once you know about chicken poêlé, you can attempt to take it on yourself and make a mouth-watering dish of perfection.

Chicken Poêlé
Chicken Poêlé

What Ingredients Are in Chicken Poêlé?

Now that you know what chicken poêlé is, you might wonder what ingredients go into the dish. Many components come together to make the chicken poêlé a tasty masterpiece, and it’s critical to become familiar with all of them if you want to handle this dish yourself.

The main ingredients in a chicken poêlé include:

  • Matignon: This is the base of the dish and is composed of diced ham, carrot, celery, and onion.
  • Chicken: The chicken is the most critical component of the chicken poêlé, all dressed up and seasoned before baking.
  • Butter: Unsalted butter is what makes the chicken poêlé pop with flavor.
  • Seasoning: Salt and pepper are necessary for taste as you cook.
  • Spices: Spices such as parsley, thyme, and tarragon will be necessary for flavor.
  • Stock: You always need a little stock to make everything tender and moist. A little bit can be added at a time to ensure a slow and perfect cook.

Once you put all of these together, you will have a delicious food you can enjoy by yourself or with friends.

An excellent recipe for chicken poêlé can be found here if you’re interested in making the food for yourself. Once you’ve tasted it for the first time, it will be tough to eat chicken any other way.

What is the Poêlé Method?

The poêlé method originated in France. It’s no secret that the French love their butter, and this recipe is no different. The poêlé method is a technique that can be applied to several different types of meat to fill them with lush flavors that anyone will enjoy.

The poêlé method is relatively simple. To complete it, you will need to do the following:

  1. Prep: Prepare the meat by seasoning it and trussing it up to perfection, taking care of both the interior and the exterior.
  2. Lay the Matignon: Lay the vegetables and stock in the bottom of the ceramic dish.
  3. Baste: Cover the meat in butter, both inside and out for the best results. The more butter, the better it will taste.
  4. Cook: Cook the meat to perfection, watching the skin crisp up with the butter.

Once completed, you can enjoy the perfect meal you’ve formed in your kitchen.

The poêlé method is simple to master. Once you have it down, you can add yet another chicken-cooking technique to your arsenal of chicken recipes hidden in your cabinet. This recipe is sure to conquer them all.

Where is Chicken Poêlé Eaten?

Although the poêlé method has traveled around the world, it originated in France. It is safe to say that chicken poêlé is still most often enjoyed in this part of the world, as culinary techniques hold high value in the French home. However, this is not to say that chicken poêlé is not eaten anywhere else.

As the world continues to open up and people explore different types of food, we might see the chicken poêlé become popular in the food world. It is a tasty dish that deserves more recognition than it often gets for its wonderful butter flavor.


Chicken poêlé is a delicious dish that not many know about, but they should. It’s simple and is sure to taste good every single time. Even the least experienced chef should have the ability to create a delicious chicken poêlé without a problem. The most critical step, after all, is simply covering the chicken in butter, both inside and out.

French cooking utilizes a lot of butter, and the chicken poêlé is an excellent example of that. Though it may not be the most healthy, it makes chicken skin crispy and the meat tender. If you decide to add chicken poêlé to your dinner menu, you’re going to love your meal.

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