How to Buy Rosé Wine: Ultimate Guide

Purchasing rosé wine is a fun but often challenging task. You need to know what type of wine you are getting for the price you are paying and on what occasion you will be drinking.

When buying a rosé wine, the first thing to consider is whether you want it sweet or dry. Then think about is how much money you are willing to pay. Fleurs De Prairie Rosé andMateus Rosé are good affordable wines. If you are looking for more luxurios wine brands, checkChâteau d’Escalans Les Clans  orLaurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé.

In the case of rosé wine, even if you are not spending a fortune on a bottle of wine, you can still get a great-tasting rosé. However, sometimes the occasion calls for a more sophisticated and expensive pick.

Read this article to learn more about affordable rosé brands, more expensive ones, and how to buy rosé wine. 

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10 Affordable Brands of Rosé To Buy

Rosé has the lightness and ability to provide refreshment like white wine, but it also has the boldness and character of red wine. Rosé also pairs well with more foods than red or white.

The options are limitless. When looking for an affordable wine to purchase, you want to have choices.

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The following is a list of outstanding and affordable rosé wines you should buy:

Fleurs De Prairie Rosé

If looking for a floral rosé, look no further than the French wine “Fleurs De Prairie.” The name in English means wildflowers. It has a lavender scent and a soft kiss of rose petals and strawberries.

Fleurs De Prairie Rosé is light-bodied and dry. It has subtle hints of tropical fruits. It is well balanced and the ideal pick for a summer rendezvous.

Sunseeker Rosé

If you want ultra fruity and refreshing, this wine is for you. Sunseeker rosé boasts a colorful blend of the following grapes:

  • Syrah
  • Pinot Noir
  • Sangiovese

This rosé has subtle hints of raspberries and strawberries, making it perfect for spring and summer outdoor get-togethers.   

Mateus Rosé

With its seductive bottle and appealing pink hue, Mateus rosé wine is the perfect wine for dining al fresco. It is a wine from Portugal made from Baga and Shiraz grapes, and it is said to be one of the world’s most successful wines. 

Mateus Rosé is a dry wine. The bottle design is unmistakable and unique,  inspired by the flasks that the soldiers would carry during World War I.  

Miraval Rosé

It is relatively well known that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are part owners of the Miraval Wine Estate. They purchased their stake in the winery for $60 million in 2011. The grapes involved in the making of this wine include:

  • Cinsault
  • Grenache
  • Rolle
  • Syrah

The wine is pale pink, and it contains subtle notes of nectarine and strawberries. It also has hints of cherry blossom and jasmine. Many famous wine enthusiast backs its reputation, and it is a high-quality wine at an affordable price. 

Grawlix Rosé Sonoma

This wine is more balanced in its complexity. It is good any time of the year and has a fruity but not too sweet flavor. It is as light and refreshing as it is affordable. The notes of this wine include:

  • Grapefruit
  • Mango
  • Raspberry

Grawlix Rosé Sonoma is fresh and vibrant yet crisp and dry, and it pairs well with most foods. This rosé is the perfect thirst quencher for a hot summer day or night. 

La Marca Prosécco Rosé

This wine has hints of crisp fruit and floral notes. It sparkles with the impeccable flavors of the following :

  • Citrus
  • White flowers
  • Pears
  • Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry

La Marca Prosécco Rosé is a remarkable blend of fruit with the right amount of zest. This sparkling wine is excellent for a romantic dinner or any celebration.

Santi Infinito Rosé

Santi Infinito Rosé is a wonderfully balanced Italian wine. You will find that the wine is artfully balanced with flowers and spices. This wine contains the following flavors:

  • Cherries
  • Strawberries
  • Ripe grapes
  • Black currants

Santi Infinito Rosé is fresh and fruity. It is also dry and full-bodied for a decadent wine-drinking experience.

Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Rosé

This wine has a signature rose-shaped bottle inspired by the flower. It is a soft pink with pleasantly surprising notes of candy, and it has the flavors of summer fruits and red currants. It also has a hint of rosés and grapefruit. Gerard Bertrand Cote rosé is perfect for any special occasion.

Rosatello Sparkling Rosé

This wine is fruity and refreshing. It is a sparkling rosé, and it pops with notes of fresh raspberries. It has the aroma of fresh strawberries and contains the flavors of pomegranates and red currants.

The perfect acidity balances Rosatello’s sparkling rosé. This wine is light and refreshing, and it is sweet and easy to drink. It is great for a late summer afternoon.

Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé

The toughest wine critics swear by this wine, specifically devout red or white wine drinkers. It is delicious and affordable. Some of the grapes used to make this wine include:

  • Grenache
  • Cinsault
  • Syrah
  • Carignan
  • Vermentino

This wine has brilliant notes of citrus and peach, which makes for a highly drinkable wine. Whispering Angel Rosé has built itself a reputation for excellence. It is dry and crisp, a genuinely sensational drinking experience.

If you would like to buy these wines, follow the links above for vendors that may ship to you. There are some states where wine can not be shipped; however, this ruling depends on where the wine comes from as well as where it is going.

The chart below will show you the average pricing of these wine products.

Fleurs De Prairie Rosé$    18.99
Sunseeker Rosé$      9.99
Mateus Rosé$    12.99
Miraval Rosé$    24.99
Grawlix Rosé Sonoma$    13.00
La Marca Prosécco Rosé$    18.00
Santi Infinito Rosé$    15.00
Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Rosé$    15.75
Rosatello Sparkling Rosé$    18.97
Château d’Esclans Whispering Angel Rosé$    13.95

As you can see, the wines above run from about $10.00 to $25.00 per bottle.  If you want to experience more expensive wines, the list below will give you some examples.


10 Expensive Brands of Rosé Wine to Buy

We all need to splurge sometimes to have a top-quality wine-drinking experience. It is always good to enjoy the finer things in life.

The following is a list of the expensive brands of rosé you may choose to buy:

Domaine de la Mordorée La Raine des Bois

This wine is astonishingly complex. It is a vintage that provides intense black cherry and cassis flavors. It is smooth like velvet with a full body and an impressive finish. It also contains notes of crushed stone and black spice. It is fascinating, multifaceted, and worth every penny.

Domaines Ott Château Romassan Rosé

This wine is a pinkish peach color that is made from the grapes of the following:

  • Mourvèdre
  • Grenache
  • Cinsault
  • Syrah

This wine has tangerine, peach, and cherry flavors, making it so inviting and unique. It is medium-bodied and silky in texture. 

Commanderie de Peyrassol Rosé

This wine is smooth on the palate, and it has the perfect balance of acidity. Commanderie de Peyrassol contains orange peel and red currant flavors. It has a soft rosé tone and delicate balance.

This wine has a delicious tone and fruit notes, making it a bright and sensational blend. Even the aftertaste is delectable.

Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rosé Sparkling Wine

This sparkling wine has the aroma of fresh fruit. It possesses the lightness of sparkling white wine and the sophistication of a Pinot Noir. Some of the flavor notes include:

  • Red berries
  • Strawberries
  • Cherries
  • Black currants
  • Raspberries

Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rosé is a delicious escape from the daily woes of life. It has a clean and well-rounded finish.

Château Léoube la Londe Rosé

This wine is brilliantly infused with fruit. It is a pale pink color and is wonderfully complex. It pairs well with most foods. It has delicate notes of the following:

  • Melon
  • Red berries
  • Wild meadow flowers

Château Léoube la Londe is crisp and smooth. It is juicy and highly refreshing.

Domaine du Castel Rosé du Castel

This wine is sophisticated and impressive. It stands out as a great dessert wine. It is made from the following grapes :

  • Merlot
  • Malbec
  • Cabernet Franc

Domaine du Castel Rosé du Castel is a charming blend of citrus and red fruits. It has the subtle taste of lime and grapefruit.

Château d’Esclans 2018 Garrus Rosé

This wine runs the gamut. It is many good things all at once. It is:

  • Light
  • Crisp
  • Fruity
  • Dry

Château d’Esclans has the essence of a great light red wine. It is brighter and more complex than most white wines. It has the flavor of strawberries, cherries, and raspberries.

Château d’ Escalans Les Clans   

An ultra-sophisticated rosé wine, Château d’ Escalans Les Clans is made from the grapes of Grenache and Rolle. The vines from which the grapes are gathered are at least 80 years old.  This wine has a warm and inviting spice to it. The texture of the wine has exquisite depth and character.

Domaines Ott Château de Provence Rosé

This wine has strong notes of rosés and blackberries and luscious summer fruits. It has an abundance of fresh aromas, including:

  • Melon
  • Vanilla
  • Grapefruit
  • Peach

The palate is broad and complex.  Domaines Ott Château de Selle Cotes has a lovely finish.

Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rosé

This wine is the most highly regarded and recognized champagne globally. It has intense and bold fruit flavors, and it is made with 100 percent Pinot Noir grapes. It has the aromas of mandarin orange and red raspberry. The flavors it offers are a blend of strawberry and cherry.

If you would like to try a more expensive rosé, see the following chart reflecting the average pricing for the wines listed above.

Domaine de la Mordorée 2019 La Reine des Bois$   41.99
Domaines Ott 2019 Château Romassan Rosé$   57.00
Commanderie de Peyrassol 2019 Rosé$   24.00
Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rosé Sparkling Wine$   74.95
Château Léoube la Londe Rosé 2019$   39.00
Domaine du Castel Rosé du Castel 2020$   81.97
Château d’Esclans 2018 Garrus Rosé$   99.99
Château d’Escalans Les Clans  $   84.99
Domaines Ott Chateau de Provence Rosé 2020$   47.97
Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé$   84.97

The wines in the chart above range from $24.00 to about $100.00. The choice to try is up to you as you could find a wine for $10.00 that could prove to be more to your liking than the $100.00 wine.

How Do You Choose the Right Rosé Wine?

There are hundreds of rosés to choose from, and it can be a challenge for someone to know which wine is best. Rosé wine is best served chilled, making it the ideal choice for summer get-togethers. The following are some ways you can understand how to pick the proper rosé for the occasion:

Choose the Rosé with the Right Color

If you want a wine that you can drink in the afternoon at lunch with your friends, pick a rosé with a lighter color. Therefore, they will have a lower alcohol content and will be more appropriate for the situation.

Choose Which Type of Rosé You Prefer

The hue will give you an indication of what type of grapes were used to make the wine. The darker the wine, the more complex it will be. It tends to be fruitier and sweeter if it is a lighter-colored wine.

A lighter color will likely come from grapes like Cinsault and Pinot Noir. A darker color will likely come from a Malbec or Merlot grape.

Choose From Dry or Sweet

Whether rosé is dry or sweet depends on the sugar content of the wine. If it is lower than eleven degrees, it will be sweet. Some examples of grapes that produce dry rosé wine include:

  • Cinsault
  • Grenache
  • Syrah
  • Mourvedre
  • Sangiovese

Some examples of grapes that produce sweet wine include:

  • White Zinfandel
  • White Merlot
  • Pink Moscato

The type of wine you choose will depend on your preference for sweet or dry wines. Most of the time, dry wines pair better with the main course, while sweet wines go great with dessert.

Choose According to How Much You Choose to Spend

There are many rosé’s that are inexpensive but still good in quality. It depends on the event and what you are looking for.

If it is a special occasion, you may want to indulge in a bottle of more expensive wine. Some wines that are good to splurge on include Chateau d’Esclans Les Clans or Laurent Perrier Cuvee Sparkling Rosé.  

Final Thoughs On Buying Rose Wine

Selecting the proper rosé can be quite an endeavor. There are many rosé wines to choose from, and you need to be an informed wine drinker to know which one is the best pick for you.

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